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Home - Safe - Home!

4 :00 am - GGGRRRRR

I get up at the first alarm. I am prepared 25 minutes later. I've showered, dressed, suitcase ready, walking out the door and to Hotel Bjork. The FlyBus was on time - YEAH! We are taken to their central station for redistribution or to buy a ticket as I needed to do. From here it's still 50 minutes to the airport in Keflavik.

I stand in line for 15 minutes and then realize that I can just go to the Iceland Air self check-in. So, I get out of line and in minutes am on my way. The airport is very busy, full of people, traveling in all directions.

I stop by the TaxFree office to get my VAT refund of 650 IKR. As long as you don't reside in Iceland, you do not have to pay VAT and are due a refund. From there, I browse a few shops as I have a bit of time until departure. I find a cermanic handpainted miniature of Hallgrimkirkja for my "mini Europe" collection. I ate my last Skyr. I've atleast 2 a day since arriving. They are the best. My friend Karen needs to try this. She is willing to move to Amsterdam to have the yogurt there. This is even better. I buy some Icelandic chocolate for Rob. It's not Belgian or Swiss but, it's something different for him to try. It grows on you.

Departure time -

I take my seat and work on my blog and only minutes later my pen is out of ink. Now the kicker is, I had just bought this pen a few days ago in Reykjavik. I had written alot, obviously. I borrowed one from the flight attendant. The flight was going well until people started getting up and constantly bumping my arm as I tried to write - ggrrrrr! 

We are approaching Amsterdam and the plane starts rolling a bit from side to side. You could tell that the winds were fierce. I looked outside to see trees on the ground bending and swaying. It was scary. For the next 20 minutes, we flew around the Netherlands being pushed around the skies and all wondering if we would safely land. It was literally like being in a whirling vortex. I was on the verge of saying a short novena with no prayer beads. It has to be the worst approach and landing that I've ever experienced. Upon touchdown, the wheels hit the pavement and then the left one lifted again. I thought we would roll over but, a few seconds later (seemed like an eternity) we safely had all wheels on the ground. The passengers clapped loudly.

Hello, Schipol! It is good to be home. Soon enough, Rob and I will be at it again. He as business in Frankfurt and Berlin, all next week. I'll go with him and we'll spend the next weekend in Heidelberg. This is the life!!!

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Home - Safe - Home!
Home - Safe - Home!
photo by: pearcetoyou