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We continue our journey by heading back to Geysir. As we pulled up, it was letting us know where to find him. The area has many geo-thermal vents - boiling, steaming, releasing their energy. I first walked up to a smaller site with an intense turquoise center. I had high hopes but, after 15 minutes, gave up. I did reach down and touch the runoff and it was HOT!!! I had been warned about that and that the nearest hospital is very far away. The water in the vent can be up to 2000 degrees.

I walked down the hill to Geysir and not long after, I was rewarded with quite and explosion and steam plume. It even produced a second smaller one, only seconds later. We were told that it was quite rare. I waited for the next eruption as I had missed the bubble of water that forms just before the eruption.

I just missed the bubble, again but, did catch the initial thrust of water and steam into the air as it was released. I was only 6 feet or so away. It was quite impressive, "earth on show"!

On the way out I passed the "little geysir" which is a little cauldron of bubbling water that would probably instantainiously melt the flesh off your bone and probably the bone too! It looked mean!

It's time to go, now, so we returned to our faithful coach an set out for Reykjavik. It would be atleast 2 hours more of travel.

We do stop briefly in a little village that has the biggest ice cream factory in Iceland. The guide said that we might like and we might not - it's ice cream. I had a cone of blueberry and his words were acurate. It was ice cream but nothing to make a trip for.

Next stop, Reykjavik!

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photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior