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There is another 2 hours in the bus until we reach Seljalandsfoss. There is a cave area that gives you the ability to walk behind the falls. On the way we pass another valley glacier extending from the big one that we've been driving around all day. Also, another couple of waterfalls. One that is gently running down the mountainside, looking like a sort of waterslide. The other one is not so big but has a nice drop to a lower level where it also gently runs down the lower part of that mountain. There is a little farm at the bottom of the falls.

We reach Seljalandsfoss and it's not a large falls but, is still very picturesque. It has little off chute falls that do their own thing.

Also, there is a smaller falls to the left of it. As we approach, I can see that there are several sheep that are up on the edge of the cliff and falls. It looks like at any moment one might just fall off the cliff. Hold on little sheep, hold on!

Seljalandsfoss' cave area was formed when the sea level was at the top of the cliffs, like some of the others. It is 40 meters tall and is fed from the river Seljalandsá. The landing is not a pool but very shallow water table of rocks so, the water just explodes when it hits bottom.  The mist is so intense, that it seems more like a rain storm. I chose not to go behind as I didn't have waterproof gear.

It's loud pounding water seem like a great place to come to let the stresses of your life be forced from your mind. I felt a bit more a peace just by standing there for 15 minutes.

It's so interesting that in this place, Iceland, you are able to see the difference between millions of years ago and the present in the same landscape. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises with Iceland and is still being pushed up.

In the end there were no sheep harmed during our visit to Seljalandsfoss.

As we drive away, the sun begins to set. It provides some beautiful and colorful lighting on the whispy clouds. It was quite dramatic against the landscape. The final light for the day was even more dramatic with a sunset of brilliant oranges, pinks, and yellows. It was like paint spilled on the sky.

Most people slept the rest of the way back. It had been a long day (14+hours) and we were all tired. We arrived in town and were distributed to our hotels. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and lay down. Tomorrow would come very soon and I had another new adventure......Greenland!

Marius1981 says:
great pics.
i was lookin at them while sigur ros was playin in the background :)
Posted on: Sep 13, 2009
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photo by: Vikram