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It was raining, now, as we travel on. We enter town and make a path along Tjornin for a fantastic evening view of old town. We dropped off all staying downtown and continued through the quaint streets making out way parallel to the harbor. I enjoy my final view of the many charming colorful cottages and wood carved deatilas. I am able to have a final view of the Viking monument as we pass that intersection.

I was let off at the Hlemmer bus station which is near my guesthouse. I went to my friendly grocery for a few snacks ( a final container of Skyr) as I was too tired to venture into town, again. Also, as the day wore on my butt was really, really hurting from the riding earlier in the day. I get to my room and check out why I'm having so much pain.

Well, believe it or not, I discover that I had developed many blisters from my ride and most all of them had popped. I guess, I'm a sensitive guy. I always bring neosporin, so I apply liberally. Ouch! That horse had really "taken me for a ride"! I don't think that I can participate in such an activity, again. I would love to but....not at this cost.

Next, secure transport for the morning trip to Keflavik Airport as I had a 7:45 am flight to Amsterdam. I called FlyBus - the main transport to and from Keflavik International Airport and get only automated information. So, I had a thought. There were a list of hotels that are pick up sites for the FlyBus and one of them was only 2 blocks away, on my same street (Hotel Bjork). I went down to the hotel and asked the front desk person if he would initiate the request for my pick up, even though I wasn't staying at his hotel.

He said that he would be happy to do so but, I would have to be out front of his hotel for the pick up. I told him, no problem. I just had to be there 10 minutes prior to the 4:50 am pick up time. I thanked him as he didn't have to be so helpful but, was so!

I returned to the room, packed, and prepared for sleep. Rob called to chat, before I nodded off but, had bad news. It seemed that SkyEurope had gone bankrupt. We had two trips in October booked with flights on SkyEurope. There was one to Prague for my birthday and one to Vienna for Halloween. What a mess to work on when I get home. I wish he could have waited to tell me.

I try to sleep and am fairly sucessful. Home, tomorrow!

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photo by: MadeleineGL