Largest waterfalls in Europe!

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We continue inland for several hours and pass a field of geo-thermal vents that is the home of Geysir and many others. Some are constantly producing steam plumes. It's a bit other-worldly.

Another 30 minutes or so past that, we arrive at Gulfoss (Golden Falls). As I approach the falls, the size, sound, and beauty astonished me. The earth has been ripped apart here and the dramatic basalt canyon has created a huge drop, right here, for the water to continue its journey. Nature is showing us it's power, here, again in Iceland. We should be in awe of it's might. No picture, guide or video can convey what you experience here. It is alive and strong and beautiful, don't mess with it.

From the outer viewing area, you are drenched by spray like it is a rainstorm. It's hard to believe that this experience is just a by-product of the powerful water hitting the bottom of the canyon.

You can climb down along one side of the canyon, down a path that will take you to the falls, at water level. It was an experience to see that energy up-close, as the water forces itself over the huge rocks worn into fantastic shapes that artists would love to create. The sound is deafening, there but, serene in it's purity. It's like waves crashing onto rocks times a thousand.

After spending some time to absorb some of it's magical energy and being soaking wet, I climbed back out of the canyon to the upper viewing area where there is a restaurant. I also needed to dry off and have a snack.

Time to continue the journey, back to the bus.

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photo by: Vikram