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The tour continued on to the village of Vik, with a volcanic sand beach on the south shore. On the way I spotted an are of a hill where there had been a recent landslide. Past that we enter another volcanic river plain near Vik. It's such a contrast in color and texture with the green hills around. There are more little waterfalls to pass on the way. It's so nice to see a waterfall every few minutes.

We arrive in Vik. The mountains around have been worn down to dramatic shapes and slopes. Vik is on the shore so, there is a wonderful beach. The beach is a pristine fine black volcanic sand beach. with sea grasses providing a protective barrier from storms.

So, the stop was for another reason. We had one more stop and then several hours more before ending the day in Reyjavik so, This was a food stop.

It was basically an Icelandic form of a fastfood joint. It was a small convenience store and a counter where you could buy sanwiches, fish soup, meat choices, and that was about it. The only thing I was going to try was a grilled cheese. Their versoin had a"marmalade" with it. I have no idea what that was and the girl couldn't explain it. So, I explained what I wanted. She then said "you want the ham and cheese". How did this become difficult? I explain again and think that we understand each other but, 10 minutes later, I am presented with a ham and cheese. I explain to the cashier what I had ordered and after checking the ticket she took care of replacing the sandwich.

We only had 3o minutes here and I was determined to get to the beach. I got my sadwich wrapped and started a fast walk out back and down to the shore.

It looks closer than it really is but, I'm determined and pick up my pace while eating the sanwich along the way. The closer I get, the more beautiful the coastline. I'm a white sand beach guy! I grew up spending all of my summers and many Easter break's and any other reason for my mother to go to the beaches of the Florida panhandle. The sand there is white as salt. I am not impressed with brown sand beaches. I will now have to say that I see the beauty here in the black volcanic sand. It is a beautiful surrounding as well. The drama of the green moutains in the background and the sculpted volvanic cliffs at the coastline frame this gently curving coast so nicely. There are also large steep mounds of lava worn down to craggy points. It looks like scupture in the water.
I was really shocked to see 2 groups of stacked stones. They are scupturaly and artisticly unique and provide a bit of mystery and intrigue about the place. I did not stack the stones.....who know's who did or how long they had been there. I prefer to think that they were placed there at a time long ago. Maybe they were. The waves crashing on the shore provide a bit of stress relief from the long day with many people on a bus. Sadly, it's time to go but, I'm glad to have stood on this beach and enjoyed the experience. Oh, by the way, there were rocks on the beach, here and there, as well as the sand. The rocks were so very smooth and beautiful. I had to bring a souvenir back for myself and for my mother. She will appreciate it's beauty.

Looking at the mountain scenery as I walk back, there is a small plateau on the righ side with a church on it.

It looks like it's held protectively by the mountains. From the beach it is so dramaticly beautiful!

So, I walk back to the bus but, stop briefly to go into the gift shop. I quickly buy a shot glass for my brother-in-law. He collects them. Also, I bought 2 handmade ceramic monuments of Icelandic buildings. (I have a collection from everywhere I've ever been.) They had been hand painted and were very quaint. Also, a big thing for me, they werer locally made. The cashier put each item in a handmade wool pough and tied it with a wool tie. It was a very nice way to take home something extra. That was nice of her.

By the time I come out and walk over to the bus, I am the last one on. A minute after I get on, the guide is racing back to the bus, realizes that I'm on and gives me a stern smile. We're on to our last stop, one more waterfall for the day.

On the way we pass hills that look like they have unsual artisticly sculpted designs on the side. Also, little steams that run along side the moutnain we are cute.

delsol67 says:
Windy but, not so bad.
Posted on: Sep 13, 2009
lauro says:
how windy was here?
Posted on: Sep 13, 2009
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