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So what happend last night?

We don't know the only thing what we knew is our neighbours attack each other and the wife with the teenager child run away!!!

We woke up very early this morning we all couldn't sleep well. So i went outside to bought a second coffee for this morning and when i came back i was shocked. Our neigbour was sitting with my two friends in our room!!! I looked to my friends and they were also a bit shocked. He was coming in our room because he need help. His iphone was broken! He didn't want to go so we told him we want to go outside and he should please go. My friends told me they thought the owner knocked on the door but it was the neigbour so he came in to our room and ask for some help!!! He felt lonely and he was drunk so he came not only one time to our room.

No he came a second time and in the afternoon he came very often! The worst thing are he didn't knocked to the door anymore!!! So we were more scared and from then on we always blocked off our door!!! We were such as quiete like mouses and even we had to go to the toilet we blocked also our door!!! (the toilet and the shower was outside from the room). By the second time when he came to our room he pleased for some help in his room!!! So we did what he want and we went with him in his room (I know very stupid but we were scared) He want to give us the clothes from his wife!!! I don't know why but he want to do some nice for us because we helped him! His room looked horrible everything was all over the place. I didn't wonder after this fight last night! He spoke not much the only thing what we knew from him is that he is from Hungary, he lost his key for his car and he was lonely.

Okey that was the story about our neigbour, further i will tell you more!!! Be wonder ;)

So why we are here in Podersdorf?! Right for the surfer boys!!! After all the party and psycho neighbours we forget all this! Here are some pics from the surfer battle...

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Podersdorf am See
photo by: Kju