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A beautiful group of lagoons.

The national park called "Lagunas de Montebello" is a really very beautiful protected nature area located in  "La Independencia" and "La trinitaria "municipalities, very near Guatemala. It is located about 3 hours away from San Cristóbal de las Casas and  72km. away from Cómitan, that means about one hour by bus or car, from this last city, which is almost bordering with Guatemala. So we decided to go first to Cómitan and from then to do a one day trip going early morning for visiting this great park. 

Cómitan city is a small town, very quiet and has some attractions to visit also, then during the nights if you go to its principal square you will see there are some local musicians who play the "marimba"(a very special musical instrument very typical from Chiapas) there is a museum in the government palace also to visit.

Enjoying the peace, a quiet place and being in touch with nature.
In my personal opinion for spending one or two days, it was nice the time there.

For going to the lagoons from this city there are buses and colectivos also. We took a colectivo the time of the travel lasted around one hour, and at the lagoon's entrance you pay a fee for the conservation of this area about $10 pesos.  A very important tip, for making this tour,  it is you make your visiting by car or van because walking it is not a good choice once you are in the park, the area is very extense, and distance between each lagoon varies some kilometers then the best choice is to ask for a guide that take you to make this visiting. So when you go there you will find, lot of locals offering their  help and cars to take you to know the principal allowed lagoons to visit.

Another blue lagoon.
By the time we were there, we found so few visitors that we payed for the tour about $100 pesos eachone for a three or four hour drive, but they told us that generally they charged $200 pesos or even more  for each person depending of the time you go there.

This visit was amazing the national park is made of 59 lagoons and lakes with different features and shapes. The color of the water from one lagoon to another also varies considerably so you can look at green or a blue lagoon. The area is covered by lot of caverns and caves. One of the most beautiful and  well known lagoons are: laguna encantada, tinta, ensueños, Perol, la cañada, San Lorenzo, bosque azul, esmeralda, montebello, pojol, tziscao between others.

The most important lagoon of all, a very wonderful view from here.

Other activities you can enjoy and do there are: ecotourism, camping, cycling, swimming, hiking, visiting the cavern of "Puente de Dios"  unfortunately, visiting the Mayan ruins of Chinkutlic is not possible to do these days because this part has been closed to public visitors some time ago. There are also cabains, restaurants and all the touristic needs for spending a beautiful time there. As I mentioned before, the  fee to this park is about $10 pesos and this is opened from 8am-5pm.

I really recommend you visit this nature park, the place is so much beautiful, cheap and the local people keep it very clean.  

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A beautiful group of lagoons.
A beautiful group of lagoons.
Enjoying the peace, a quiet place …
Enjoying the peace, a quiet place…
Another  blue lagoon.
Another blue lagoon.
The most important lagoon of all, …
The most important lagoon of all,…
Another  green lagoon.
Another green lagoon.
Walking around one of them.
Walking around one of them.
Lagunas de Montebello Chiapas
photo by: monky