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Church of Santa Lucía.

The southermost state of  México, it is named Chiapas one of the most amazing and beautiful states definitely from all México. In general Chiapas has a humid, tropical climate so it contains a rainforest area called "Selva Lacandona" unfortunately in late years has been reduced, to give way to agriculture and ranching. This state has been considered part of  the home to the ancient Mayan ruins including places such as Yaxchilan, Bonampak, Palenque, Chinkultic and Tonina. The capital city of this state is Tuxtla Gutiérrez. 

In relation to its population we can talk about 55% mestizo, and 40% indigenous mostly of Mayan ancestry around 35% of the last ones do not speak Spanish as a first language instead of,  they speak a variety of Mayan languages such as Ch'ol, Tzetzal, Tzotzil, Tojolabal and other groups.

Cathedral at night.
 Along the center of Chiapas we can find the highlands where the climate can be quite temperate and foggy allowing the development of cloud forest called  "Reserva de la biósfera el triunfo" these highlands are home to the cities of San Cristóbal de las Casas and Cómitan.

For traveling there if you are in México city you have basically two choices to get there, first making your traveling by bus or the second one taking a plane, but if you consider the bus travel you have to keep on mind that this is a very long distance to travel for, and then you needed maybe a day for getting there. I made my way to Chiapas by plane, there are several airflight lines which offers you, the travel from México city to the principal and most important city of Chiapas: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the second other important city is Tapachula, but the last one is not a very good choice to arrive, if you want to stay closer from most important attractions in the center of the state.

Night view of a typical downtown street.
 Then, I prefered to arrive to the first city because its proximity to the principal touristic destinations. The flight time is aprox. one and a half hour. When I got there, I did not go to know this city, beyond its airport. I heard it has just a few interesting things to visit there, so instead  of that, I prefered to go directly to my principal interest called San Cristóbal de las Casas.

So that, after arriving to the airport I had two choices:  the first one to take a taxi or a shuttle to the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez in order to get the bus station and then to take another bus or a special shuttle to go directly to San Cristóbal de las Casas or even more practical but at the same time more expensive also, it is to buy your bus ticket right there in the airport and just to wait for the next bus in the airport for picking you up to get to this great touristic city.

Church of Santo Domingo.

I did the second thing, so that,  the price of the bus was around  $200 pesos, the bus was very good and comfortable and it took me around two hours to get there during the bus way there were lot of sharp bends but it is worth it because I had also a very beautiful scenery, after around two hours, I got to my final destination this amazing and magical little city or town of San Cristóbal. The bus station is very well situated so you can walk and enjoy all its beauty by the time you are getting the downtown,  it is just a few blocks  away and maybe sort of 15 minutes of walking so in the case you do not have too much heavy things or luggage with you, it is a  good and nice idea to walk and  to go for finding your hotel or hostel in town.

This magical city is located in the central highlands of Chiapas it has an elevation of 2100m. aprox. above mean sea level. The name of this place was in honor of Bartolomé de las Casas a Spanish priest who defended the rights of natives and who was the first bishop of Chiapas. In 2003 this place was declared " magical town or "Pueblo mágico" .

Surrounding this city we can admire several mountains wetlands some of them have been exploited for gravel. The very famous "Agua Azul' water fall is close to this area as well.

This city is therefore highly recommeded for visiting and spending several days to be in touch with all  the other important  close attractions. There are lot of different hotel and hostel choices for everyone possibilities. In general this state is very cheap comparing with other touristic destinations. The principal visitors here are coming from Europe or US. and Canada, nonetheless, Mexican government is making an important effort promoving this great destination in the national touristic industry, so now it is more common to find Mexican people visiting here specially on summer time.

The principal attraction here, it is to know and to be in touch with its great nature, old traditions, the almost extinguished regional languages, customs, to observe natives wearing traditional clothing, and even the regional food. I recommed you try the good quality products they produced such as coffee, and Chiapas cheese. Now the ecotourism is being developed a lot offering lot of possibilities to visit near this town, we can find  near there wonderful waterfalls such  "Agua Azul " waterfalls, amazing lagoons, like "Lagunas de  Montebello" to be in touch with the rainforest, or to make a visit to the old ruins of Palenque and of course going near to lot of typical towns,  for being in touch very directly with the way they still live in those litle towns around this city, such as Zináncatan, San Juan Chamula, Chiapa de Corzo and others. 

Unfortunateley, I did not almost take photos about this beautiful place, so I just put one photo about a church but as most of towns in México, there is a downtown  where you find the principal square with its benches everywhere, and trees offering a peaceful environment to see and admire  this everyday's life in town. On one of its corners you will find the old Cathedral and then surrounding this part there are lot of little streets to enjoy a nice walking around and have a cup of coffee, plenty of restaurants, art galleries etc.  that can be admired during a nice day.

There are several historical places to visit in town such as very old churches, museums, old houses. In the nights the town looks very beautiful with its special lights on the streets, making this place a very special one to spend several days there.  




jacobi says:
Brings back memories from my trip in '99 :) I liked the colors of the place.
Posted on: Jun 10, 2017
piglet44 says:
Great blog, as always. I enjoy your blogs very much.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2017
Mar_Mar says:
Gracias Monica, esto me servirá mucho ya que el 23 voy a San Cristobal y por lo que he leído aqui hice una buena decisión en llegar a Tuxtla por avión, estoy muy emocionada!!!! :)
Posted on: Nov 14, 2012
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Church of Santa Lucía.
Church of Santa Lucía.
Cathedral at night.
Cathedral at night.
Night view of a typical downtown s…
Night view of a typical downtown …
Church of Santo Domingo.
Church of Santo Domingo.