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     This year we planned to have our Valentine celebration at some place more quiet, relaxing, 'green' and not too crowded. Cameron Highland seem to be good choice as Chau Ling and I always wish to go there together and lucky for us our first Valentine fall on the weekend. 
     Cameron Highland located at the state of Pahang could be reached by two routes - If you coming from the South, you can take the exit at Tapah for the two hours winding road and if you wish for a safer road or coming from the North, exit at Simpang Pulai and take the new highway toward Cameron Highland.
As for me, i take the former one. Along the winding road, you will pass by a waterfall at your left.
     Cameron highland is famous with not only their strawberry, flower, vegetable farm and tea farm but also with their bee farm. Along our way, we stopped at one of the bee farm. Most of the bee farm not only exhibits their bee hives but also together with a lot of beautiful flowers and cactus (a clever way to collect the honey and pollinate the plants). Most of the farm also sell their own home made honey with different function (for cough, beauty and etc). Do not expect the honey to be cheap (It usually costs more than RM 20 in a small bottle) but you still can bargain for a better price if you buying a lot. But it is wise to do some survey first as there are a lot other farms in Cameron.
It is always wise to survey first at Cameron Highland. 
     Strawberry and vegetable farms are one of the places you cannot miss at Cameron Highland. Most of the farms here offer a self pick activity. For me, it is more expensive to pick the fruit and vegetable by yourself. But it is nice to try your hand in picking the fruit. There is a season for the strawberry.. But i am not so sure when?! but February is a good time to go as the strawberry ripe and avoid August (if i not mistaken). Besides, it is less precipitate during August compared to August. Do not forget to try the Strawberry milk shake or smoothies as they using real strawberry and cost less compared to KL which usually using Strawberry syrup.
     The tea farm is also worth visit as you can see the tea making process from A-Z in tea farm. If you are a tea lover you can buy the tea a lot more cheaper directly from the processing plant at Cameron and the tea come with assorted flavour for you to choose if you do not like 'plain' tea.
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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2