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Alla famiglia! 2 weeks in a villa in Eastern Sicily with my family and friends in a gorgeous rented villa. We'll be based in Aci Sant'Antonio, in the shadow of Mount Etna, near the fishing villages of Acireale and the main city of Catania. On the itinerary: Taormina and it's Greek ruins on the rugged coastline, the Aeolian Islands, including volcanic Stromboli, with its lava flowing into the ocean and tiny, untouristed Gagliano Castelferrato to see our Sicilian cousins.

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September 1st, 2009Long Beach, California
September 23rd, 2009London, England
September 26th, 2009Aci Sant'Antonio, Italy
September 26th, 2009Catania, Italy
September 29th, 2009Taormina, Italy
September 30th, 2009Siracusa, Italy
October 1st, 2009Stromboli, Italy
October 2nd, 2009Cefalu, Italy
October 3rd, 2009Caltagirone, Italy
October 4th, 2009Aci Sant'Antonio, Italy
October 5th, 2009Agrigento, Italy
October 6th, 2009Etna, Italy
October 7th, 2009Catania, Italy
October 8th, 2009Taormina, Italy
October 9th, 2009Gagliano Castelferrato, Italy