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Picking up the tickets for our Aeolian Islands mini-cruise at the port city of Milazzo.
Tuesday (9/29/09)

Mom made a cheese frittata for breakfast with the black peppercorn cheese from the market, and then Mags, Liz and I took off for Milazzo to buy the Stromboli/Panarea mini-cruise tickets. Took about an hour to get there, and we had no problem finding parking or the information center, or the cruise office. Took care of everything, walked around town a bit, and then headed to Taormina for late lunch, parking at Mazzaró down by the water and taking the cable car up to the middle of town.

Taormina was gorgeous as usual - the restaurant that Liz’s friend Katherine had recommended was closed for siesta time, so we went to the one next door (the Royal) and it was perfect.
In Milazzo, trying to exchange money at a bank. Some banks you have to go into this Maxwell Smart cubicle, wait until the door fully closes, then another opens, and you go in the bank.
Smoked fish, a fresh salad, some bresaola carpaccio with pecorino, and bruschetta, with a glass of pro secco. We walked up and down the main street, taking photos, and I was half-heartedly trying to find il Palazzo dei Duchi di San Stefano (the Duke's Palace), which looked beautiful in the photo, but couldn't find it.

We made our way to the Greek amphitheatre and got there a half hour before it closed--right as the sun was setting. Gorgeous. Got loads of pix of the mountains and sea in that beautiful light. I've been to Taormina twice before, and I had never seen it with the modern seats added in...and lights, etc. We were told that the opera season had just ended, and I guess they take the modern stuff out after that.

Afterwards we grabbed a cappuccino and a mandorle (almond) granita with an espresso poured on it.
Taormina for lunch! new favorite thing, and then went shopping. Yeah, it's touristy and expensive, but it's just lovely shopping there.

Came home and Mom had made chicken cutlets, a cold Italian potato salad and a cold string bean salad - all fabulous, as usual. There is so much food in the house!! We still have so many pastries and cookies leftover from the other night. We played Chronology then headed to bed.

It's funny the way the rooms are laid out in the villa. The billiards room is actually the dining room, so the living room acts as a dining room, but then there are 2 separate sitting spaces, due to the immense ceiling, as they are one room on top of the other within the huge great room. And the sitting room on the bottom, called "The Palmento" looks like it used to house an olive press or something? It's made of stone with archways, and there seem to sluices cut out of the stone at the top.
The main square in Taormina
We can't figure it out. Anyway, it smells musty in there and we don't wind up sitting in there, and my folks don't want to climb the stairs to the second sitting area, which as a TV, DVD player and stereo, none of which are hooked up correctly, so we don't wind up sitting up there.

So, we all wind up hanging out at the 2 dining room tables that dominate the room, even though there are a myriad of couches lining the walls - they're just not in a "gathering" formation, I guess.

We’re going to Siracusa (and Caltagirone) tomorrow, and then hopefully visiting the family in Gagliano Castelferrato on Friday. I need to send the cousins a text tomorrow to ask them to remind the family in Gagliano about the Sunday dinner party we're holding at the villa (the aunts are older and don't do email or cell phones, and I can barely understand their Sicilian dialect in person - forget it on the phone!) and ask them to confirm so we know how many to cook for. Mom is already freaking out about it!
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Picking up the tickets for our Aeo…
Picking up the tickets for our Ae…
In Milazzo, trying to exchange mon…
In Milazzo, trying to exchange mo…
Taormina for lunch!
Taormina for lunch!
The main square in Taormina
The main square in Taormina
Liz, Me, and Mags posing in Taormi…
Liz, Me, and Mags posing in Taorm…
Liz and Mags - cameras at the read…
Liz and Mags - cameras at the rea…
The Greek Amphitheatr
The Greek Amphitheatr
And pulling back further, looking …
And pulling back further, looking…
photo by: Vlindeke