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I just liked the interior of this church.
Thursday, 10/8/09

Liz and Mags were itching to go to the western side of Sicily (we all wanted to see Erice, but decided it was too far for a day trip - we were told it was an 8 hour round trip). Liz especially wanted to see a cathedral at Monreale, and the ruins at Segesta, but I wanted to spend some time at the villa and with Mom, Dad, Eric & Mel, and mostly, I didn’t want to wake up early, so they left early, heading west. Mom wanted to stay home and cook and relax, so eventually the decision was made to go to Taormina with Dad, Roberta, Eric & Melissa.
Dad in his new mafia hat

It was a gorgeous day, and after parking at Mazzaro and taking the cable car, we took a walk up the main drag, and then Eric and Melissa went off to see the Greek Amphitheatre, I went off on my own to go to an internet cafe to try to call Morgan on Skype and upload pix to this blog, then go shopping, and Dad and Roberta had a glass of wine at Wunderbar, where we were to meet at 5.

I checked 3 internet cafes - one was closed, one the internet was down, and finally I found one that was open, although the connection was really slow. I updated my Facebook status, but couldn’t figure out how to get the photos from my iPhone (not taken on the iPhone but uploaded to it) onto those websites, and I was getting annoyed at how slow the whole thing was, and figured it wasn't even worth trying Skype with so little bandwidth, so I gave up on it and went shopping.
Roberta, Dad, me, Mel, Eric at the Royal

I bought another ceramic plate (can’t get enough apparently), and then met up with the rest of them. As we’re walking to the cable way, I had a sudden horror that I had left my purse somewhere, or my sweater, and I gasped, but both were on me. Back at the villa later, I was in a crappy mood for really no good reason, throughout dinner. Then as I was relaxing by myself on a couch in the cave, I went to get my cell phone and realized I didn’t have it. Looked everywhere and that’s when I realized THAT was what was missing when I gasped earlier. I was pretty sure I left it on the counter at the internet cafe, and of course I was freaking out. We called the cafe, but they were already closed at 9pm. Mags and Liz said they would go with me in the morning to get it, since Taormina is only a half hour away, and we didn't have to meet Lina and Mariolina until 12:30, so we had time. It would suck if it was stolen. Couldn’t sleep at all.
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I just liked the interior of this …
I just liked the interior of this…
Dad in his new mafia hat
Dad in his new mafia hat
Roberta, Dad, me, Mel, Eric at the…
Roberta, Dad, me, Mel, Eric at th…
We had the same waiter as when I c…
We had the same waiter as when I …
Dad & Roberta
Dad & Roberta
Dad n me
Dad 'n me
Dad in front of his restaurant, …
Dad in front of "his" restaurant,…
photo by: Vlindeke