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Random night shots of canals and bridges
I woke up on Bloemengracht at my hotel knowing that I had some morning things to take care of.  Due to my crazy planning I was checking out of my hotel in Amsterdam and would be switching to a place in Amstelveen.  Actually this one wasn't really my fault.  I was supposed to be staying in a place not too far from Vondelpark, but I used a travel agent for this one particular part of my trip because I wanted to be in a hotel with relatively easy access to the airport on my final night in Amsterdam.  I was supposed to be catching a morning flight back to the States, so the easier to get to the airport for me the better.
  My flight ended up getting pushed back to 1:00 and the tour company that my travel agent booked my hotel with wrote a check their butt couldn't cash with the hotel I was supposed to be in, so I got shipped quite a ways out of town.  Fortunately it was close enough to a metro stop that it was managable.  Long story short, I had some traveling to do so I got an early start.

After checking into my hotel and taking a shower I headed back into the city.  I had a few hours to kill until the 5:00 meetup with some TravBuddies.  I wasn't sure if anyone would actually show up, but I had made the arrangements to meet at Centraal Station so for better or worse I would have to make my way there.  I ended up back in the Leidseplein area, which was my favorite part of the city.
  So much going on, so many eateries, so many people.  I didn't really do much of note while killing time and finally just decided to walk toward Centraal Station where I found a place to sit, relax, and listen to some music.  When 5:00 hit I wandered around where I thought the meeting place was and, sure enough, my trusty University of Wisconsin hat that is prominent in every one of my profile pictures worked its magic again as TravBuddy Dennis (dennis_d) spotted me immediately.  We stood and talked for a half hour waiting to see if anyone would show, and were met eventually by 2 others:  Dexter (sincere1906) and Lieke (liekevo).  Forgive me if I got anyone's names wrong, it's been almost a week since we met, afterall.  The 4 of us walked around for a bit and ended up quickly in the Red Light District as it is a place you have to see while in Amsterdam, even if it is primarily for tourists.
Among my last views of the city
  We stopped in for a drink at some pub that had a name that said something about an Old Sailor.  As we stopped off for dinner we lost Dexter who had to go meet other friends.  After dinner we ended up parting company after strolling back toward the Leiseplein. 

I was thinking I'd just head back to my hotel, but I had forgotten that I was supposed to meet someone else that night.  Over to a place called Weber just off the Leidseplein I ended up meeting TravBuddy Sandra (sandramaas), who isn't overly active on TravBuddy anymore but we've managed to keep in touch nonetheless.  After talking with Sandra for a few hours I departed to catch a tram back to Centraal Station and then back to Amstelveen via the metro. 

A productive day topped off with meeting 4 TravBuddies. 
travelman727 says:
Cory, I'm glad you got to meet some more terrific TravBuddies :-) I look forward to seeing you again next month in Belize :-D
Posted on: Sep 22, 2009
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Random night shots of canals and b…
Random night shots of canals and …
Among my last views of the city
Among my last views of the city
Until next time, Amsterdam....
Until next time, Amsterdam....
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