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Day 3 in Paris again started somewhat early. I was going to be meeting up with a fellow TravBuddy at 11 on Ile St. Louis right across the bridge from Notre Dame but I wanted to check into my hotel before that, or at least drop off my backpack. My hotel was up near Gare St. Lazare which was not far from where I was wandering around the previous night. On my way up to the hotel I stopped off for a few bananas and another éclair chocolat. I never seem to be able to judge how long it’ll take me to get somewhere on the Metro. I ended up getting to Ile St. Louis about 5 minutes late where Angeli was waiting for me next to an accordion playing gentleman on the bridge. We sat down to the café, Le Flore en L’Ile, for some café au lait and a croissant and talked for a while after introductions.
As she had been to Paris before and had been in Paris for a few weeks already I deferred to her on what we’d do that day. I had seen enough of the sites by now that I didn’t really have an agenda.

One thing that she had wanted to find was the kilometer zero designation in front of Notre Dame. My understanding of this spot is that all points in France are described by a distance from this specific location in Paris. It was a much more challenging effort than we had both figured it to be. I had an idea that it was some gold thing in the ground identifying the point but that didn’t help us find it. Angeli asked some police officer nearby who confirmed what we had been thinking about it, but that got us no closer to finding the spot. We started at one end of the plaza in front of Notre Dame and decided to walk towards the cathedral and hope we came across it.
We finally spotted the gold thing in the ground simultaneously. Mission Accomplished.

I followed her to the right bank where we sat and talked for a while longer before wandering into Le Marais where she had been renting an apartment. I have to say that it was a beautiful part of town that I really enjoyed. We stopped for some gelato and I naturally had chocolate, though I did get 2 scoops and got some caramel as well. More conversation ensued as we sat on a bench enjoying our gelato. Sadly, Angeli had to depart to meet up with a friend of hers, but before she left she pointed a few things out to me before she departed. By the time we parted company and I got my bearings for where I was as I hadn’t been paying much attention, it was about 3:00 so I swung by the falafel place she recommended to me on Rue de Rosier.
As she promised, it was exquisite.

I was starting to worry that my time in Paris would come to an end without my sampling some ice cream from Berthillon. But as I’d just had gelato earlier I don’t think my system would’ve enjoyed more sweetness just now. After returning to my hotel to actually get into my room I headed right back toward where I had been that morning. One of the things I like to buy in cities is a Christmas ornament, especially now that I bought a house and will actually have a place to put a tree. I had found a nice one that I liked while in London, but unless I wanted one of those keychains of the Eiffel Tower I was struggling to find an ornament in Paris. Finally, I found one near the Louvre. It turns out there were some near Notre Dame as well, but I hadn’t gone into that store yet.
I grabbed some more fruit while I walked and picked up a baguette. I decided I didn’t care that I had already had a lot of sugar that day I had to have some Berthillon ice cream before I left. So, off I went to grab some on Ile St. Louis. As always the flavor was chocolate, and it was incredible. Not sure if the gelato or the ice cream were better, but I’d just be splitting hairs to make a decision.

Another day in Paris, my last full day, was coming to a close. With my hands full of fruit, a baguette, and various other wares from my day I jumped back on the Metro to head back to my hotel. As I was walking into the hotel I had a bag drop from my overloaded arms. I got up to my room to discover that my long search for a Christmas ornament was going to be a fruitless effort. My ornament had broken as the one thing that couldn’t be dropped was the one thing that fell. I’ll have my sister grab one when she’s here in October, if she remembers, so no tears shed on my behalf. And it is, afterall, just an ornament. Seems the seeking of ornaments is a trait I picked up from my mother.
ultra_jetsetter says:
Great blog!
Im so happy you got a falafel and a chance to have Berthillon ice cream. :)
Posted on: Sep 14, 2009
HCSmooth66 says:
I didn't have much problems navigating Paris as an only English speaker. There were a few times at cafes that I ran into an issue or 2, but it was generally fine. I can see where it could be problematic, or at the very least stressful though.
Posted on: Sep 14, 2009
mmarc2000 says:
Great story....leaves me craving some good ice cream! Did you find it easy to navigate Paris only speaking English (i assume)?
Posted on: Sep 14, 2009
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TravBuddy Angeli (ultra_jetsetter…
Berthillon.  Chocolate, as always
Berthillon. Chocolate, as always
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