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Amsterdam Centraal Station, the arrival point

3 more nights remain on my mini-trek through Europe as I arrive in Amsterdam after the annoying debacle that was Brussels train station.  I am struck immediately upon arrival just how busy things are down at Centraal Station in Amsterdam.  Trams, buses, people, bikes, cars, etc. were seemingly everywhere.  I had some kind of idea as to which direction I had to walk in order to find my hostel.  One night in a hostel, 2 nights in hotels was the plan of attack for Amsterdam.

I headed south and ended up in Dam Square, then took a side street and walked a ways and ended up not far from the Leidseplein.  From there it was a quick journey in the direction of Vondelpark and voila.

This lighting effect looks much better as a non-still shot hostel.  It didn't take long to realize I was in Amsterdam.  Within a few blocks of the station I detected the hint of marijuana on the air.  When I got to the hostel to check in I noticed a cloud of smoke in the designated smoking room.  Interestingly, the same people were still in that smoking room everytime I had to go back downstairs.  I realize it's Amsterdam, but there may be a point at which you can't get any higher.

As has been my modus operandi, I dropped off my bag and immediately hit the pavement to explore.  I had pre-paid for a ticket to the Anne Frank house and would have to make my way over there.  I had to peak my head into a coffee shop to see what the fuss was all about and ended up meeting a very friendly Australian woman who I ended up spending much of the rest of the day with.  She had a unique name, and sadly I can't remember it.  But we walked around for a while before she had to depart for a nap and I headed off to Anne Frank house. 

A quick dinner consisting of onion soup and a stop by for some ice cream (You know which flavor if you've followed this blog) and it was back over by the hostel to meet back up with my Australian friend and her coworker from South Africa.  The 3 of us sat around at an Irish pub not far from Vondelpark and talked for a few hours before heading back to our respective lodgings for the evening.


Vikram says:
Australian girls are really nice and friendly. Not the "oooh he's trying to hit on me, I'm so special" kind, but very down to earth and fun to hang around with. I meet tons in Earl's Court YHA, London where I always stay and have gone out for drinks and walks with many of them. Pleasure hanging out with them!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2009
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Amsterdam Centraal Station, the ar…
Amsterdam Centraal Station, the a…
This lighting effect looks much be…
This lighting effect looks much b…
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