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After my experience with the trains in Paris in my attempt to get to Brussels I was determined to leave a hell of a lot more time than would've otherwise been necessary to ensure that I got my ticket and was comfortably on the train well before it was scheduled to depart for Amsterdam.  This was the smartest thing I did on my entire trip, because as annoying as dealing with ticket issues in Paris was it pales in comparison to what happened in Brussels.  When I got to the train station in Brussels I went straight to the ticket machines hoping this time it would work and it'd just spit out my ticket.  No such luck, as expected.  Off to the ticket counter where they told me I wasn't able to pick up my ticket in Brussels and should've picked it up in if I had time for that as I was sprinting to the train because their damn machines wouldn't work in the first place.  I would have to catch the subway back into town where there was a ticket office that would be able to help me out.  Now, I recognize I have a lot of ignorance about a lot of things, but I never for a moment believed that I would be unable to collect my pre-paid train ticket from Brussels to Amsterdam in the Brussels station.  Call me nuts, but I expect to be able to collect a train ticket at the train station without having to be sent back into town. 

I made my way to the location given to me and managed to find it with relative ease, which is shocking as I don't have any knowledge of Brussels.  Of course the office was closed and wasn't scheduled to open until 10:00 am and I was scheduled to depart about 10 minutes earlier than that.  I go back to the train station to tell these people what kind of a messed up, ridiculous, dumb system they're operating.  Again, nothing could be done.  So I had to shell out an additional 51 Euros for another train ticket.  Yeah, I was pissed and still am a bit upset about it.

Vikram says:
Sorry about it. I didn't have such problems on my visit. Having said that, rule of thumb - I always ask for all my prebooked tickets @ the first counter I go to in Europe. Like this time in Paris, I collected all my Paris - Tours, Tours - Blois, Blois - Paris and paris-London tickets on the same day. Better luck next time. But a wet blanket on an otherwise exception trip. It's been fun reading your blogs so far!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2009
sweetsummerdaiz says:
That sucks..... way to make you blow the budget.
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
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