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After spending a night in Sheffield I decided to head into the Peak District, which I do believe is a national park for real, unlike yesterday's trek to Lyme Park which is part of the National Trust. But don't quote me on that, they may actually be the same thing. I wandered the short distance from my hotel to the bus interchange to catch a bus down to Baslow. Before I got onto the bus I decided to grab a bite to eat right there at the interchange. I got the bacon, sausage, and egg sandwich and I have to say it's incorrectly named. The Gut Buster would've been more appropriate, or perhaps even The Artery Clogger. I think the sandwich was bigger than my head.
But it tasted oh-so-good.

I then grabbed the bus to Baslow, which was a location I chose because it was close enough for me to get back to the train station when it becomes time to get down to London. I do seem to like these little towns. It was a very short bus ride lasting all of 30 minutes or so. It doesn't take long upon reaching Baslow that you get a sense for what the main attraction is: Chatsworth. Chatsworth is some ridiculously large house and estate that is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. It is also been used in the filming of a number of movies, most recently (I believe) a Keira Knightley film called The Duchess. The house is the appropriate setting because I think it is actually where the Duchess in question (Georgianna) lived.

Anyway, a 30 minute walk from my hotel to Chatsworth was just the beginning of my walking for the day. This place was obscenely large. I always joke when I see someone driving a Hummer that it's a "Small-Penis Vehicle". Well, the same can be said for Chatsworth. Dripping with vanity at every turn. Unlike the Hummer, though, Chatsworth is an impressive thing to see. The grounds were even more impressive than yesterday's trek through Lyme Park, and as the home is still an actual home to a family it was in much better shape. I think there were a lot of sculptures that were on the grounds in preparation of some kind of auction that didn't belong to the estate, but even still it was quite impressive. Somewhere on the grounds was an actual maze, and it was certainly fun to get lost in the maze for a bit, unless you were the poor kid crying uncontrolably.
You know you live a lavish lifestyle if you have an entire room devoted to statues and sculptures.
The entire grounds felt like a maze in a lot of ways. It took quite a while to get through the grounds and I may have even missed something because there were trails veering off in every direction. The house itself was under some renovations and cleaning. There was also some kind of festival being set up near the house. Looked like a carnival, or dog show, or something of that nature.

After a visit to Chatsworth I decided to do what I do best: Wander aimlessly. I grabbed my rain coat and started walking. I don't know which streets I was on, what part of the town I was in, what I saw, or what I missed. I was living by the rule taught to me in a book written by Yogi Berra: "When you come to a fork in the road, take it". I came across a restaurant and slipped in for a beer, and eventually wound my way back to my hotel where I had dinner and decided to call it a day and rest my aching feet and legs. Off to London tomorrow...
steph928 says:
chatsworth house was also featured in the most recent pride and prejudice with keira knightly (yes, i am *that* jane austen fan). in the movie it is pemberley, the home of mr. darcy. this place is incredible. i would love to wander aimlessly around the grounds.
Posted on: Sep 06, 2009
Wilko_mat says:
These houses get taken over by the National Trust because of the high inheritance tax. So the houses that are worth millions end up getting bought out and turned into tourist attractions. Sometimes they strike a deal where they can continue to live in the house, or own a share of it still. Chatsworth house is very near to me, and a nice place to go.
Posted on: Sep 06, 2009
HCSmooth66 says:
Thanks for the kind words, and for clearing up the confusion of the National Trust and national parks issue.
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
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