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Some strange looking work of art. I don't get art at all.

My last morning in Paris was a little bittersweet.  I had enjoyed my time in Paris despite my aching legs and feet from all of the walking.  I was wanting to squeeze one more thing into my final moments in Paris before heading off to Gare du Nord to catch the train to Belgium.  I had decided that I wanted to take a tour of the Paris Opera.  I had heard great things about it and how impressive it was.  Unfortunately I wasn't aware that the ampitheatre itself wouldn't be open during the tour, just the entry way.  The entryway is impressive in its own right, but the ampitheatre is the main attraction, afterall.

After the Opera disappointment I was off to Gare du Nord where my morning took an unpleasant turn.  I had pre-booked my tickets on the train and just had to collect them at one of the automatic ticket machines.

  Unfortunately, it didn't work.  I came early enough (or so I thought) to be able to deal with anything like this so I jumped into the ticket line.  I didn't realize that it would take the better part of 45 minutes to get to the window to collect my tickets, thus necessitating me to sprint from the ticket office to my train just as it was about to leave. 

I got to Brussels and found the place I was staying in.  As usual I went straight out to explore and quickly found a Belgian Waffle.  It truly was heaven in my hands.  I had eaten a fair amount of fantastic food, chocolate, and various other things already on this trip but this waffle was perfection.

  I then wandered around the Grand Place area for a while and decided it might be time to have lunch.  This time I wanted to have a waffle that had a few more bells and whistles added on, so I stopped by a place to get one that had strawberries, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.  It, too, was fantastic.  Much to my shock, though, I preferred the waffles without anything added on. 

I continued to wander aimlessly through Brussels, and even found time to take a quick nap, before heading back out.  I was supposed to meet up with a TravBuddy but that had fallen through so I just headed down toward Manneken Pis and took a few pictures before swinging back to the Grand Place area to grab a quick bite to eat.  Surprisingly I decided against having another waffle and instead sat down to a rather tasty gyro at one of the Greek restaurants just off the Grand Place.  A quick stop by a chocolate place for some fabulous Belgian chocolate and I was back to the hotel for some much-needed rest. 

Vikram says:
yeah, I don't use those automatic machines in Europe because our American cards don't have that chip at the back which the machines need to recognise and validate cards. I normally run by Tripadvisor forums for such advice :) About Bruxelles, it was perhaps the most boring part of Belgium for me. It was nice, but too much "caricature" European city for my liking. Having said that, Grand Place is a lovely place. I bought those expensive 4E waffles next to Mannekin Pis infact!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2009
diisha392 says:
Waffles, yum!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
Chokk says:
Waffel King - 3 in one day!
Posted on: Sep 14, 2009
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Some strange looking work of art. …
Some strange looking work of art.…
Pure heaven on a plate.  Waffle, s…
Pure heaven on a plate. Waffle, …
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