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I've always had an affinity for the Pacific Northwest, despite growing up in the Southeast. And there is no way to talk about the region without mentioning Seattle. I was shocked to find that it was the same temperature as Florida when I had left that morning though! I made use of the new LRT train out to the airport to get into the city. It took a little bit of time, but it was clean and efficient. The monorail from the city center to the Space Needle was quite old, but I can see how this would have made Seattle very "futuristic" back in the day. The park surrounding the Needle was spattered with lights but still dark. It would feel unsafe if there weren't other people around. Walking around downtown was similar though. I was somewhat surprised to find out that the joke that there is a Starbucks on every street corner in downtown Seattle is actually true. They were everywhere, but I seemed to be the only person walking around town with a cup of hot chocolate from the chain. Hmm. The waterfront area is interesting. And in the back alleys near Pike Place you can find some gems, including a pub (I think) whose outside wall is completely plastered with chewed gum. It's disgusting but also very colorful. Shortly thereafter on my trans-Pacific flight back home, I ended up watching a movie with Jen Aniston in it that showed her putting gum on the same wall! I think it's called "Love Happens." Anyhow, Seattle was a fun place to visit, and would most likely make a fairly good place to live.

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photo by: diisha392