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Located in the middle of the Nusa Tenggara chain, Sumbawa is
the second island eastward from Bali. It's a long, twisting island culturally
divided into two halves. Sumbawa Besar is the main population center on the
western half. As it was described to me (and I'd have to agree), it is not too
big, nor too small. It seems to fit its mold perfectly. The streets are active
throughout the day but not to the point of creating any traffic jams. The
typical range of roadside vendors line the streets, offering cheap but tasty
local treats like satay and martabak. The town's small airport offers a single
flight a day to the provincial capital of Mataram on neighboring Lombok, saving
about 6-8 hours in driving/ferrying time. That said, the drive is quite nice
too as market life in the small towns along the way is colorful and the roads
are in good condition. Sumbawa Besar's main claim to fame is its wooden palace
(Dalam Loka), which I remember reading years ago was the oldest surviving
wooden structure of something or other. Ya...something or other. It serves as a
museum in the daytime and a soccer field for local youths before sunset. Most
people probably wouldn't come here for the sake of seeing the town for what it
is. As a transit location on the way to Flores or Komodo, it is definitely
worth a stop for the better part of the day. It is also a good transit point to
Moyo Island, which has great diving and snorkeling sights (albeit, quite
expensive to stay out there). Surfing is also becoming very popular in the
western half of the island, though I didn't notice any in the vicinity of the
town. A fresh seafood dinner on an open air pagoda on the beach was a great way
to spend my last evening here. Nice!

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Sumbawa Besar
photo by: vivien_huang