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I have no recollection of transiting in Japan on my first international flight from the US to Bali, but I definitely remember it on the return flight. After leaving Malaysia for the 2nd leg of a 4-leg trip home, I fell asleep. It's odd actually, as I rarely am able to sleep while moving. But I must have been tired since I had already kicked my shoes off to get more comfortable. That was a mistake. As we began our descent into Narita airport, I woke up and started to get ready to switch planes. I packed my carry-on bag with books, logic puzzles, and my water bottle (ah, those were the days...your own liquids carried on a flight). But when I went to look for my shoes, I could only find one! I searched all around but could not find it. Who would steal one shoe? Then I noticed that the air vent underneath the seat in front of me was missing its cover. My shoe must have fallen down there. I stuck my hand down the hole, but couldn't come up with anything. It was quite deep. About five minutes after everyone else had already left the plane, the flight attendant told me I needed to leave as well. I told her my predicament and asked for her help. She asked me to wait. She came back with another flight attendant and asked me to tell my story again. I did. They laughed and asked me to wait again. They brought back with them yet another flight attendant. I explained my story again, but they just giggled and walked away. Realizing I wasn't going to get my shoe back, I decided to disembark and wait for my connecting flight...with one shoe on. I got started at for sure...all the way back to Atlanta, my final destination, where I was able to dig through my suitcase and pull out a pair of flip-flops! Ah...memoirs of a one-shoed guy in Japan.

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photo by: maka77