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Roswell is definitely a Mecca of sorts for alien and UFO enthusiasts. With its history, secrecy, and combined story exaggerations, the town has invented itself as a highlight on New Mexico's tourist map. Otherwise, Roswell would be a town with a large dairy industry and nothing more. Seems like more incentive to take the supposed 1947 UFO crash in the region and run with it. That said, the tourism dollars have definitely helped turn the town from its nothingness to a decent place to live. There are lots of businesses and national chains to cater to the tourists. The Roswell Museum is a nice enough exhibit of Southwest history and artwork. But I must say I was disappointed with the UFO (or IFO, as they like to say) museum. Despite their plans to move into a brand new futuristic-looking, multi-million dollar complex, it looks like the museum runs on a budget of $50 a day. Very low-tech...and many of the exhibits were uninteresting. The rest look like they were put together in the 1950s and haven't been touched since. There really is not an over-the-top alien theme to the city...which has its benefits. But it is a 4 hour drive from Albuquerque, and in retrospect, I'm not entirely sure I would make this trip out here if I knew what Roswell was really like. I did grow up in central Florida though, where themes are done maybe I am biased. I'm sure many people would enjoy visiting Roswell.

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photo by: X_Drive