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We arrived in Silver City at a quarter after five in the evening; we checked into the very first hotel we found: the Palace hotel. We arrived in the historic part of Silver City . . . the town of Silver City is located in the sunny Grant County of New Mexico. Silver City was founded in the year 1870, shortly after silver ore deposits were discovered by Captain John M. Bullard at Chloride Flats; it is located on the hill just west of the farm of Captain Bullard and his brother James. Following the silver strike, Captain Bullard laid out the streets of the new Silver City on the former farm, and a bustling tent city quickly sprang to life. Although the trajectory of Silver City's development was to be different from the hundreds of other mining boom towns established during the same period, Captain Bullard himself never lived to see even the beginnings of permanence, as he was killed in a confrontation with Apache raiders less than a year later.

The town had originally been designed with the streets running north to south. The town was also built in the path of normal water runoff. Businesses sprang up and people learned to deal with the inconveniences of the summer rain. Silver City was built with high sidewalks in the downtown area to accommodate high flood waters.

Meanwhile, uncontrolled grazing thinned down plant life on hills surrounding the town. During the night of July 21, 1895, a heavy wall of water rushed through the downtown business district leaving a trail of destruction. A ditch, 55-feet lower than the original street level, was created by what was once known as Main Street. Businesses on Main Street began using their back doors on Bullard Street as main entrances and eventually, were permanently used as the new front entrances. To this day, the incorrect odd/even addressing conventions on the east side of Bullard Street are a reminder that the buildings were addressed on Main Street originally, not Bullard Street. Main Street now ends near the back of the Silver City Police Station, where the Big Ditch Park begins. Great place for sight seeing and people watching I found as we strolled the streets on Saturday evening.

Our original desire was to go hiking the Catwalk, but upon check into our hotel, we found out that the cat walk was a little over 4 hours drive away from Silver City and so were places like Glenwood Hatchery and Aldo Leopold vista which offer some of the great hiking trails in the Mogollon Mountain area.  So we decided not to wake up as early as we had planned for the same of hiking. With hiking cancelled, we looked for activities closer and which we could complete within a shorter period of time.  From our map, we located Pinos Altos which turned out to be a little over 8 miles away. For the city itself, we found we could do a few things including  a walking tour that covered  City Hall, City Library, City Museum, City Recreation center, Grant County court house and a few other museums.

A day trip from Silver City to the Catwalk/ Mogollon Mountains will cover the following points of interest: things to do and places to go if you ever find yourself in this beautiful part of the world.

  1. The Continental Divide,
  2. Pinos Altos
  3. Big Ditch Park
  4. Gila Cliff Dwellings
  5. Gila wilderness and Forest
  6. Mogollon Ghost Town
  7. Catwalk (Hiking)
  8. City of Rocks State Park
  9. Silver City Museum
  10. Historic District Walking Tours
  11. Fort Bayard
  12. Bill Evans Lake
  13. Gila River Bird and Wildlife Habitat
  14. Leopold Vista (Hiking/ Picnic)
  15. Glenwood Ranger Station
  16. Glenwood Hatchery
  17. Mogolllon Fanny Mine


Dr_Seuss says:
A lot to fit in on a day trip :-O

Not quite sure about No.17 though :-D
Posted on: Sep 06, 2009
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Inside the Javelina Coffee House
Inside the Javelina Coffee House
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Outside the Palace Hotel
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Matt outside the Javelina Coffee …
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Silver City
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