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Arriving at JFK about noon. Somewhat tired after 9 hours in the air, but eager to begin my adventure of a life time. First though, I had to go through US customs which is increasingly more difficult. I do not know why they insist we write our name and DOB three (3) times on the green visa waiver - and once more on the custom form. At customs I was thoroughly asked about my intentions in the US, partly because I had written I wanted to stay the maximum 90 days and partly because I didn't give a specific address for my visit. When I explained I was going to tour the US in a car, the officer didn't believe me, and for a moment I thought I was going to be denied entry. Luckily after a second and third officer asked the same questions, I was given the stamp in my passport. Relieved, I picked up my duffel bag and headed outside to find the AVIS rental office. This was where I for the first time was reminded I was no longer in Denmark (or similar European country). Not reflecting the fact that I just landed in the largest airport in the world, I was happily looking for the walkway to the AVIS office! :) Rule no. 1: In the US you don't walk anywhere, you board a vehicle! A call to the AVIS office explained I needed to take the air-train. Of course! I might just add that I even had to change trains (or maybe I didn't - the signs were a bit confusing) but I finally got there. A few more minutes and I was on the road in my dream car! .... or not. Unfortunately rental companies doesn't really care which car you get. The guy said they didn't have any mustangs, and that I would be upgraded to a Mitsubishi! No no - you don't! I want my mustang! I knew that you almost never get what you wish for at a rental company, but I signed up on a special discount with only one type of car, so I though I would be easy. Guess not. Luckily the manager stepped in and said they expected a mustang in later the same day, and that they would call me when. In the mean time I was given a Hyundai Accent and I drove of to find a shopping mall to purchase some items like a cooler, tent, sleeping bag and more. At first I found the traffic fierce and it didn't help that I drove a pint-sized car :). I made it to a Sears store north of JFK and found some of my items (By the way, are the people working at all Sears so rude and un-interested in helping their customers?). After getting a bite, it was 8 pm. I decided to drive back a wait at the AVIS office, and to my great pleasure they had received a white 2009 Ford Mustang Coupe V6 ahead of time! I quickly put my bags in the mustang - now I was ready!

And boy, what a difference it was! The looks, the feeling behind the wheel, the roar of the engine even at idle, the way the windows roll down a bit when you open the door, the quality of materials - it all added up to my expectations of an american muscle car. I was smiling big when I left the office and headed towards a motel!
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