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Miri town

There’s nothing special about Miri other than like Chinese town with rows of boring shop houses and cars. This hostel recommended by LP seems to be nice for an overnight rest but the town itself is characterless. The hostel owns and run by a local lady, however we were taken aback the way she handling guests. She has more than a dozen of cats straying inside the whole floors that the smells of it more like a pet store than an accommodation.

2 Irish lads, the guys we bumped into from Rejang river boat ride to Belaga town stayed in the same hostel. Chilaxing by the common room watching DVD seems quite an enjoyful pass time for them. Maybe coffee made the watching much more enjoyful so one of them came up to the lady and below was the conversation.

Irish lad1 : Can I get coffee milk, the one at the kitchen is finished?

Lady owner: For 2nd time? I only serve coffee one time only in the morning. You want more go to coffee house infront. ( in a thick Chinese accent)

Irish Lad1: (clueless..speechless..slowly walk back to the couch..turn his head to the telly..never turn back..)

Lady owner: you want to make coffee, go drink coffee at the coffee house..1 or 2 times in the morning enough already.

And she kept on and on about

Gerrit and I were lazily surfing on the net next to this scene…ACKWARD.. pretty stunned how simple enquiry can turn into a surprising reply yet somehow comical. Later Gerrit walked to the dorm which later I followed him and we burst into laughs for what the hell has just happened.

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Miri town
Miri town
photo by: forevert2