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Flying by Laos Airline on propeller engines to Bangkok, the service was satisfactory. It isn't low cost carrier therefore meal was included. The day before I had to withdraw some Lao kips to pay the accommodation and tuk-tuk ride to the airport; I was short only 100,000 kip that I took 500,000 from the cash machine. I decided so as to charges on ATM withdrawal are horribly a lot that sometime it's un-noticed that the charges are a lot more than the amount withdrawed itself. This is for a fact when dealing with too many zeros currency that this happened to me. I was going to exchange it on arrival in Suvarnabumi Airport.

Only later I found out the money changer/bank in Thailand refused to!!! $hit, I still have 420,000 Lao Kip equivalent of $ 48 nowhere to be exchanged or used. It's not a trading currency and normally locals and travelers are exchanging it within Lao/border before getting into another country. I was stuck! The only way was finding passengers heading to Vientiane or Laos. But the airport was big and there wasn't any designated check-in counter for specific scheduled destination, only designated check-in area. There was scheduled flight to Vientiane and the passengers could be checking-in within 20 counters! So I looked on the passenger face whose presumably flying to Laos and found one. After interrupting this Lao lady I explained the situation for a favor but she looked petrified and scared and excused herself for a reason being in a rush. I was walking back and forth like a nutter LOL. I gave up in the end. I was still hoping to find one in the hostel.

Soon afterward I took a coach to Bangkok Patpong area, where the booked hostel was. That night I still had useless 420,000 Lao Kip nowhere to be traded. I was only spending 2 days in Bangkok that further enquire on how to get into Cambodia informed me to take an early morning bus to AranyaParthet-Poipet border. The bus known among local going to Cambodian Casino for some dirty gambling at the border. Haven't had a real thai food in Bangkok I choosed the easier option having KFC that later I regreted it. The chili sause and kecthup probably recycled-out, I felt uneasy and headache woken up at 3am ran into toilet puking and had diorhea! This was my first ever food poisoning incident in my entire backpacking months. The bus to border leaving at 5am and there was no sign of recovering. Every half an hour or so the toilet became my living. At 10 am I had to decide what to do, by train to the border or waited the next day bus. I took some useless medicine bought at 7-11 that I felt a bit better not from the said pill. I drank a lot of water and headed to Bangkok train station leaving for Aranyaparthet at 1pm.

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photo by: rintjez