Another wonderful day in nature and with the company of a great friend :o)

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A good friend of mine called me earlier today to chat and to see what I was up to. As I was just home from the store, I was putting away the stuff I had bought and was making something to eat. She wanted to go for a walk and asked me if I wanted to come with her. As I rarely see her, and the weather again was totally awesome, I told her yes, I'd love to go for a walk. We agreed to meet about half way between her and me, and so I almost inhaled my food (no, it wasn't really that bad.. hehe) and was on my way.

I was there just a few minutes ahead of her, and after we had parked our cars, we headed down one of the many trails that are in the area. She had her dog with her, I had my camera. (of course... can't go anywhere without my dear, beloved cam..LOL)

As we were hiking, we had a great time catching up.

She's been a great friend since early 90's and even though we don't get to see each other that much anymore, it's always nice when we do meet and can catch up on the latest in each others lives.

We stopped along the way to shoot pictures and calling back her dog that ran ahead as dogs usually do. :o))

As we were walking back we kind of wanted to hit another trail, but she was getting hungry and really needed something to eat. We walked over to the gas station up there and chilled for a while, when she got some much needed food. After that we went back the same trail and met a father and son with 2 dogs. For some reason they ended up walking with us, and it was ok, as they were nice people. The dogs had a good time playing, and my friends dog even got to swim a couple of times.

After sitting at a dock for a little while, talking and shooting pictures, we walked back to our cars. Then we sat in my car for half an hour, talking some more, before we said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways.

Once again I had an awesome day and today I had the company of a great friend. Can hardly get any better then that. :o))

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photo by: Quest