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Every year beginning in 2002 I have been traveling as a birthday present to myself.  In 2006 I selected Boston as the destination of choice. After all, accommodations were a no-brainer since I had a niece and her husband recently relocate to the city.  I had heard so much about Boston's charm, character, and history through the years that I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by, so I snagged a cheap ticket, packed my bags, and away I went to the home of my forefathers.

I had learned a few years earlier that this is the land of my gggggggg grandfather who along with his family immigrated from England to Boston and were early settlers of Danvers, MA.
  There still lie several generations of my grandfathers, cousins, aunts, uncles, and stories from the early years.  Everywhere I look I find the Page families and finding them is fascinating.  I discovered that this family was most famous during their day for making and shipping bricks across the country.

So as my exploration of Boston begins, it was a rainy day in November when my feet touched Bostonian soil.  One of the first things I chose to see after getting off the bus at Haymarket Square was to seek out the Freedom trail.  Having done very little research beforehand and coping with an umbrella in one hand and whipping winds and a map in the other, I overlooked the obvious red line on the sidewalks and took my path in my own hands.  I wandered around aimlessly in the rain for a couple of hours before my bearings finally kicked in and I figured out how and where to navigate in the city.
  This required, of course, that I dug out my Boston books while sitting in a Dunkin Donuts to study the maps and read some of the descriptions of the sites.  After putting in place a course of action I attempted to find a tourism booth.   Before arriving at the building of tourist information I was waylay-ed by the history before me in the form of an old cemetery uphill a few blocks away.

I was intrigued by an ancient cemetery so seriously laid on a hill and I headed in that direction.  Just as I entered the cemetery a large tourgroup passed through so I moved aside to let them pass and stepped off of the trail and onto the soggy grass.  Much to my astonishment I was standing between old gravestones from the 1700's.  The tour group was moving slowly so I had time to fight with my damp map.  I was looking down at the map when I realized I was leaning up against an old headstone with old-world character.  Looking more closely at this old stone I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was a PAGE headstone; an uncle of mine dating back 7 generations!  Despite the rain, the wet feet, and the lack of direction there was no denying my satisfaction of the day.
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photo by: bubu932