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In a couple of days I will graduate from college, and as a little reward for myself I've decided to go on a trip to Italy. This is part of a larger plan to visit the interesting places nearby that, for some reason, I haven't been yet. It is customary in Belgium to go on a culture-trip to either Italy or Greece with their class during the last year of high school. For some reason my school didn't do that and we went to the Czech Republic instead, as a consequence I'm one of the very few Belgian 24-year olds who has never been there.

I like culture and history so Italy seems like the perfect destination, that's the main reason for chosing this destinantion, although I'm sure the september weather won't hurt either :)
I will be traveling on my own, since all my friends have to work (poor guys ;)). I have technically not really traveled on my own yet, but I've studied in France and Germany without knowing anyone either and that worked great, so I'm not too worried. One big difference is that this time I won't speak the language, but I'm guessing Flemish is pretty much universally understood right?... Ok maybe I will need to work on the basics of Italiano next week :-) (My back-up plan is speaking French with an Italian accent)
The travel preparations are relatively straightforward, I booked a flight from Brussels to Milan on September 7th, which amazingly costed me only 20 euros, and afterwards I will be travelling by train, probably using and interrail ticket. That way the road is wide open, I don't know which places I will visit or how long I will stay there. I preferred to not book my return flight yet so that gives me more freedom. I definitely want to go to Rome and Venice, and I have some friends who live in Bergamo and Torino, so I might go there as well. As far as other destinations go, I'm up for any suggestions! If you know any must-see places in Italy please let me know.

But first I have to study for one final exam... sigh... back to reality ;-)
Adrian_Liston says:
Have fun in Italy! I've never been either :)
Posted on: Aug 29, 2009
lamadude says:
Thx for the comment Stephanie! I will see how much Italian I can learn in one week. The few Italian words I know usually turn out to be Spanish ;-) I always mix them up. But on the other hand, not speaking the language gives it more of a holiday-feeling, so that's nice too :)

Yes, Florence is definitely high up my list as well, hope I'll be able to go there, its location is quite convenient so I think it will work out :)
Posted on: Aug 29, 2009
steph928 says:
you are going to love italy! i was there last year and i would definitely recommend learning a few key italian words and phrases. but english always works too.

if you get a chance try to see florence. it is such a beautiful city. i just loved walking around and finding side streets to explore. i'm so excited for you! good luck on your italian adventure!
Posted on: Aug 29, 2009
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