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Keeping it real wide
Before any trip I always try to foresee any situation I may encounter. Long nights, cold, heat, rain, and any other special elements I want to catch. I approach a trip like a photo assignment with serious limitations.
Ill just jump in with my recommendations. For lenses go as wide as you can and as telephoto as you want, stay away from the middle mm range (30mm-70mm) it looks like every other snapshot camera on the market.

In my travel backpack I will pack:
Nikon D100
Vivatar 17-35AF f1.8
Sigma 80-200AF f2.8
Nikon SB-28 Flash
Nikon D100 Remote
Packet Tripod (REI)
2- 1gig GIG memory

I would love to have a camera bag but when you start to pack in all the clothes, train tickets, on and off aircraft, and now my 2 kids, a backpack is great.
I use third party lenses and a D100 body because travel can be very hard on gear and if something happens to the lenses I just replace them and the camera body the same. I can be as free to create, as I want.

Ill update this blog often so check back!
Isabetlog says:
I find it too cumbersome to lug even 2 lenses around, only because changing lenses can be a drag, esp. when it's raining or windy and dusty. I'm planning on getting an 18-200, that's pretty safe then, isn't it?
Posted on: Jun 27, 2008
TradewindsHD says:
You can get away with way less you just have to get real creative with your photo taking and set limits.
For example loose the 80-200, tripod, flash and remote and you still have a kick butt set-up that you can have fun with. Just look for crazy perspectives and extreme close-ups. Although you have a wide try to stay away from that establishing shot of the statue.
Posted on: May 12, 2007
bicyuk says:
Hi M., thanks for the recommendations. Can't wait for an update!

PS: Kees is too cute :)
Posted on: May 11, 2007
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Keeping it real wide
Keeping it real wide