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Seeking the opportunity to see a little more of our local scenic attractions, my children and I jumped at the opportunity to book SWIT Guide Eco Adventure Tours to Paluma Lake and Wallaman Falls.  I found cycling, kayaking and camping to be attractive features of the tours, as, unlike my children, I had virtually no experience in these areas, and was enthusiastic to try something new.

Prior to our tours, Otto, the SWIT Guide, generously gave up his time on a couple of week-ends to familiarize me with the skills associated with using gears to negotiate undulating cycling terrain.  This knowledge proved invaluable during the tours, as it enabled me to fulfil my personal challenges - to ride down Paluma Range and Wallaman Falls Range.

We departed Cardwell at 8:00 a.m. on April 6th, and travelled by 4WD to Paluma.  The vehicle was comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned.  During our ascent, Otto drew our attention to changes in the vegetation, and pointed out interesting examples of flora and fauna.  Upon our arrival at Paluma Lake, we kayaked and had lunch.  Our afternoon was devoted to cycling, and culminated with our 18 km ride down Paluma Range.  As the first day drew to a close, we made our way to the Crystal Creek Caravan Park, where we set up camp for the night.  The next morning, following a delicious breakfast at the Frosty Mango, we headed for Wallaman Falls.  We gazed in awe at the falls as they plunged into the waters below.  Otto took some photos, and later supplied us with the originals on a CD.  After an 11 km bike ride, we returned to Cardwell.

Upon reflection, the SWIT Guide Website proved to be a very accurate portrayal of what we were to encounter.  An awareness of what lay ahead helped my family to feel confident and able to benefit more fully from the tours.  The specifications listed in the Logistics and Provisions Descriptions were very practical, and eliminated any possible risks, thus maximizing levels of comfort and enjoyment for the duration of the tours.

The physical fitness activities catered for a variety of fitness levels.  While kayaking, we all comfortably explored Paluma Lake, despite our differing levels of expertise and physical condition.  Although cycling clearly revealed to us how fit (or unfit) we were, it proved that by thinking ahead, and selecting the appropriate gears, we were able to conserve energy and 'cope with the slope'.  We found it beneficial that we were able to observe the roads before commencing cycling.  It was also reassuring to know that the 4WD vehicle escort was close behind us, to help us out if we required assistance.

We also found that the activities were suitable for people of different heights.  The interior foot stops of the kayaks were adjustable, and the bikes were available in different sizes.  My height is 166 cm, and I required a 17" bike, my daughter's height is 163 cm, and she also used a 17" bike while my son, measuring 185 cm, rode a 23" bike.

Upon our return to Cardwell, I felt more than satisfied that our 'SWIT Guide Nature Experience' had been a success.  My children and I had marvelled over wonders of nature, to which I would never have dreamt of driving, due to the steepness of the roads.

The activities we had shared are etched into our memories to bring us gladness for many years to come.  All of this could never have been achieved, had it not been for Otto, who was impeccably well organized and took such great care of us!

I strongly recommend these tours to all who are contemplating the pursuit of fun-filled challenges and beautiful scenery in a stress-free environment.  In fact, we find this idea so appealing that we're going on two more tours in June!  So do yourself a favour and book a tour today - it could change your life!

Eric says:
Sounds fun! You should upload some photos so we can see all that beautiful scenery ;)
Posted on: May 05, 2007
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photo by: regtheveg