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Well, I'm still "butter" (see my last entry if you're confused). And I've stopped arguing because it's not worth it... Call me a conformist, but who am I to spend my own money when I have multiple latin men willing to buy me drinks, drive me places, etc. just because they can? Sigh... It's a tough life.

In other news, I have some exciting travels coming up! My friend Shannon, the one who was in San Jose with me but left a little over a month ago, is coming back for the holidays! So I'm meeting her and her parents in Manuel Antonio, one of our favorite places in Costa Rica, on Monday, spending a night in San Jose with the Mirandas (my former host family) on the 23rd, and leaving early in the morning on the 24th for California! I'm so happy here and I loooove the pura vida, but I'm super excited to see my family for the holidays and my cousin's wedding... It turned out to be perfect timing because after spending Thanksgiving without my family (even though I had a great party here), I didn't want to spend December without them too! Eeek, too many exclamation marks... sorry.

I asked Noemy what she wants from the states so I can get ideas for presents, since she has been so good to me the past two months. Her answer: two iphones for her son and daughter (she'll give me money for those), and an older gringo who wants to move to Costa Rica for her. Seems doable, right? I find it funny that gringos are in such high demand down here, although it's mainly because Guanacastecos (men from the Guanacaste region) are notorious for having multiple girlfriends, or at least for hitting on other women when they are married, especially on women who are "macha" like me. Lindsay, Audrey and I have started calling ourselves the "three spicy gringas," since it's relatively ironic that we have substantially less rhythm and flavor than latinas, but for some odd reason, we are in higher demand and men like to gawk at us. I feel bad for the ticas. But who knew gringos/gringas, normally know for being so bland, could be such a hot commodity?

So after I spend time and celebrate with the fam and search California high and low for a willing and deserving gringo, I'll head back here to celebrate the New Year in style with a bunch of friends in Playa del Coco, a hot spot for bringing in the New Year. Then I'm going to travel to Monteverde for a few days with Shannon and another friend, Andy, and then work again on the 5th. I still haven't been to Monteverde and I'm excited to explore the rainforest, go on a tour of a coffee plantation, and see more monkeys. I love monkeys. And I've heard rave reviews of Monteverde. I probably won't be sleeping much until February, but you win some, you lose some. It's all about give and take!
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