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The Lindsays at Playa Hermosa
My experience here in Costa Rica differs greatly from my time in Spain mainly by the people with whom I surround myself. Some days, the only English I speak is with people who are learning, which can be even more taxing than just speaking Spanish all day.

Most of the time, I love this fact. Living with Noemy is great, and living with a tica is exactly what I wanted (not to mention that she has a great house and all my utilities/some food/laundry is included in my rent). Most of my friends here are really fun too and although my students may get on my nerves on times, I'm convinced that they are better than anyone else's English students. As I may have mentioned, however, I don't have many tica friends. At home in the US, I'm a girl's girl. Yes, I have guy friends (although many of them are gay, which is beside the point), but I have some very close girlfriends whom I wouldn't trade for any amount of money in the world.
The Spicy Gringas, ready for a noche de baile
Seriously. And that's coming from a recent college grad who is earning next to nothing. Here, however, it's difficult to make close tica friends, and my friend Lindsay summed it up like this:

"Well, when you meet foreign guys, you think, 'you're different. I like you. Let's be friends.' But with girls, it's another story."

Although I am a strong believer against cultural barriers and that deep down we all want the same things in life, things are different when it comes to girlfriends. I do have a few tica friends here, but (and this is not a point against them so much as it is a testament to my amazing girlfriends) they just aren't the same.

For that reason, my "spricy gringas" have become a key part of my life here in Liberia.
At my performance with Morpho Jazz Latino
Lindsay, Audrey and I have taken to calling ourselves "the spicy gringas" of Liberia. In our heads, the word "gringo" is not necessarily offensive but not necessarily a compliment either. When I think of gringos, I think of skinny white guys with no rhythm. Gringas, similarly, don't exactly scream sex appeal. Here, however, we are a hot commodity. It all started one night a few months back when we were invited to a party at a friend of a friend's house, and when we took our time in arriving so as to be fashionably late, we each received about three phone calls from approximately ten different latin men. When we finally got there, we were ushered around and offered drinks and introduced to people as the awesome gringa English teachers of Liberia like we were celebrities.
With our spicy gringo, Cole!
Hence, the title "the spicy gringas" was born. Cultures are weird. There's a saying in Spanish (there might be a similar one in English, I'm not sure) that goes something like "The jewels of one country aren't appreciated until they reach another," which I guess is something like "One man's garbage is another man's treasure..." Not that we're considered garbage in the US... Anyway...

Back to my spicy gringas, they're awesome. We work together, plan lessons, cook meals, go out, chill on the beach, talk about life, complain about ticos when they're stupid, eat vegetarian food together (when we can find it), watch movies and snuggle, complain about the heat, rejoice that we're not in the cold, chill with our one spicy gringo (shout out to Cole, our coworker and friend who lives about an hour away but comes to visit most weekends, and who is also amazing) and other such pasttimes.

In short, girlfriends get you through life. I may be young, and I may have a lot left to figure out in life, but one thing I know for sure is never to underestimate the power of girlfriends.
mamacitapatti18 says:
u make me smile, mija! :)te echo de menos muchisimo! oxxoxoox
Posted on: Mar 12, 2010
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The Lindsays at Playa Hermosa
The Lindsays at Playa Hermosa
The Spicy Gringas, ready for a noc…
The Spicy Gringas, ready for a no…
At my performance with Morpho Jazz…
At my performance with Morpho Jaz…
With our spicy gringo, Cole!
With our spicy gringo, Cole!
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