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I'm getting accustomed to life here in Liberia. Overall, I like the laid back lifestyle. Most Costa Ricans (even Josefinos, people from San Jose) will tell you that Guanacaste (the northwest region of Costa Rica, of which Liberia is the capital) is the best part of Costa Rica and so far, I agree. My favorite things about it, I've gotta say, are its safe atmosphere and sense of community. Of course, I still get shouted lewd comments from dirty old men on the street, and there are plenty of places for me to cause a sufficient amount of trouble, but having traveled through cities of all sizes, I've found that my favorite size is just this. I don't think it's a coincidence that Liberia is almost exactly the same size as IU, my beloved alma mater. I've even found a cute little coffee shop with free wi-fi and yummy coffee that reminds me a little bit of the Pourhouse, my favorite coffee shop in Bloomington. Liberia, does not, however, share the same beautiful season of fall with Bloomington, and it is a crying shame. That's number one on my "things I miss" list right now (besides Lacey, my dog, of course): the colors, the smell, the flavors of fall. Okay, just had to reminisce about my alma mater a little bit. Moving on...

So the moral of the story is I like it here. I'm looking for a few more tutoring gigs to keep me busy (and out of debt), but overall life is good. I never really pictured myself as a teacher, but that's exactly what I am. Getting to know my students is definitely the best part. Since I'm teaching with a government-sponsored program, I get all kinds of people: lawyers, bell hops, teachers, high school students, taxi drivers, and more. I have my first tutoring lesson tomorrow with an eight-year-old girl one of the other teachers met in the park one day. She seems really smart and eager to learn English, since she will be going to a private school with an intensive English program next year. It should be fun. I really love the people I've met here so far and I'm excited to meet more.

Noemy, my new host mom, has been great. Except lately, she's been getting mad at me when I don't eat the food she buys, even though her providing food is not a part of our deal. Everyone's got a little Jewish mother in them, I guess... The longer I'm here, the more I realize what a great deal I have. It's nice because I don't speak a whole lot of Spanish outside the house, so I like speaking it at home. My goal is to go at least one full day without speaking one word in English. That means no talking to anyone from home, no teaching English class and no writing or talking online in English. I hope to have a few of those days while I'm here... This coming weekend, I'm planning on hanging out with some of my students and some of their friends. I hope their friends don't speak English. :)
mamacitapatti18 says:
escribe mas mi amor! te echo de menos-muchisinmo! xoxox
Posted on: Nov 07, 2009
pillai81 says:
hey i just read your blog today and i am like wow thats an ExperiencE! teaching, amazing host mom, culture,language, music all in one package is the most difficult to get these days but its the sweetest deal ever to get ....Bravo! Cheers :)))
Posted on: Nov 03, 2009
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