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Don't get me wrong; I adore this country. (If you don't believe me, see every other entry in this blog.) But as everything, it could use a little tweaking in some areas, and if any politicians or wealthy philanthropists feel like executing any of my suggestions, I would be ever so grateful.

1. Transportation Infrastructure

All I need to say is that it's a really big inconvenience that every road in the country is at stand-still traffic when there's an accident even as far as 200 kilometers away...

2. Peanut Butter

This isn't really directed just at Costa Rica, so much as it is for the rest of the world. Peanut butter is so good I just can't figure out why the US is one of the only countries that appreciates it so much. While peanut butter is available in this country (but usually just Jif, imported from the good old US of A), it is too expensive and can be hard to find. A random suggestion, perhaps, but necessary.

3. Not littering/ recycling

For a country with a reputation for being so environmentally friendly and aware, there is a whole lot of garbage on the ground. While some ticos have fully accepted recycling, there are still plenty of places that lack not only recycling bins, but also proper garbage cans, hence the myriad pieces of garbage strewn about the country, especially on roadsides where it is all too common to see plastic bottles, bags and wrappers flying out of bus windows.

4. Vegetarian Food

While there are a plethora of options in San Jose, there aren't many good bets for veggie lovers outside of the capitol city. True, the main dish is gallo pinto (rice and beans), which offers a good amount of veggie protein, but I'm talking ethnic veggie food. Seriously, this country needs to provide me with some tofu that does not come from a can (ew). I would kill for some good old Milwaukee’s Beans and Barley or my beloved Bloomington’s Roots...

5. Productivity uninhibited by male gawking at women

Pretty self-explanatory. Ticos could accomplish so much more if they didn’t completely stop their work to stare, hiss and shout at every woman who walks past…

6. Cheating

On a similar note, it would be cool if some ticos actually believed in monogamy. Not that I’m a strong proponent of the sanctity of marriage, but it’s a little ridiculous here. I taught a lesson on “rites of passage” in class the other day, and as we were compiling a list of them including birthdays, baptisms, and the first day of school, all of my classes agreed that your first marriage (but not the second or third or fourth or fifth…) and the first time someone cheats on you were necessary to add to the list. Cool, ticos, cool.

7. Addresses and giving directions

600 hundred meters south of the old fig tree (which no longer exists) or 200 meters north of the dance studio with the brown gate and the blue garbage can (that gets moved around a lot) just aren't cutting it for me in terms of addresses and directions. Some say it's one the few authentic Costa Rican traits the country has left, but I say it's one of the few Costa Rican traits it could do without. Its a wonder mail gets anywhere in this country without a P.O. Box.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure I’ll come up with more. If you have any to add, I’d be interested to know!

vila says:
That bookshop at the 4 corners; that wine cellar in that appartement building opposite of the shopping mall; oh, and when you get to the firehouse, turn left and then call me and I'll be waiting for you at the street to accompany you to my flat. LOL, Lindsay, not just Costa Rica, here in Croatia we don't know the street addresses most of the time as well. And even if we do, with it must come a picturesque route description. I don't know, I guess we could call this a southern thing? :)
Posted on: Mar 23, 2010
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