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Two observations about Moroccan shuls:
1. They really, really like Jewish stars.
2. They really, really like misheberachs.

Plus, I still can't figure out how they know who the chazan is going to be.  It seemed that at random points in davening, random congregants began to daven aloud and to lead the congregation for one paragraph, then some other random dude would do the next paragraph, and so on.  How do they coordinate that?  Perhaps my friends m'Achenu b'nei Sefarad can enlighten me.

I went to three shuls over Shabbos.  One of them, Bet El, was absolutely stunning.  The motif was not surprisingly stars.  They were everywhere.  Also, the aron was very cool.  It was a walk-in room.  They must get some English-speaking visitors because there was one sign in English.  It said: Please do not to use cameras on Shabbat or Yom Tov.  Another choice sign was the following (translated from French): Please only distribute candies during shul that are KOSHER.

Shabbos ended up being really nice, and I am glad I stuck around.  People at shul were generally friendly.  I wish I knew what they were saying half the time.  I should really know French or Arabic.  And the food, whether at peoples home or at shul seudat shlishit, just keeps on coming.  Plus the fish is great.

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photo by: nathanphil