The magnificent Kom Ombo Temple: Tourist cruiseboats take over crocodile-land!

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Panoramic view of the temple from the boat

It's really not too often that one gets a surprise of a lifetime staring at one's face. I've had this experience happen before. It happens every time I step out of the Westminster tube station in London and I find myself staring at the Clock Tower, or I'm driving on Highway 101 in San Francisco, and out of nowhere appears the grand Golden Gate Bridge. I believe the same thing can be said for what I experienced that afternoon. After having finished a nice visit at the Edfu temple, followed by a scrumptious meal, I took a good nap and I had no idea of what was going on. Until my mum phones me up from the deck, wakes me up and asks me to come to the deck asap and get the cameras with me, because "we have a good view of the temple".

Sleepy eyed and all, I went to the deck.

our Cruise boat parked right outside the Kom Ombo temple
 and WOW! There it was. The KOM OMBO TEMPLE. It looked fabulous. As good as it looked in the DK Eyewitness book. The sun had started to set, and only adding more beauty and colour to the temple. It was amazing. We took a few photos. You could tell everyone else aboard the cruise was equally excited with tons of people standing in queue to get a family pic in front of the temple. We finished our tea and went to the reception area where Fatima was waiting for us. It was about 5:30pm when we started our tour of the temple.

First impression of this temple: it's spacious and open. And looked a lot cleaner and fresher than many others seen so far.

From an architecture point of view, this temple is interesting in many ways.

view of the ruined walls and the Pylon's perfectly replicated and symmetrical along the main axis of the temple. That means you have twin entrances, twin courts, twin hypostyle halls, etc. The key thing about this temple is that it was built for two Gods - Sobek, the local Crocodile God and Horus, the falcon God. The left/west is dedicated to Horus and the right/east to Sobek. The style of the temple here on was like many others meaning the same order - the great court, the hypostyle hall and finally the holy sanctuary. In this case, two - the Sanctuary of Horus and the Sanctuary of Sobek. The paintings present were also of great significance, depicting a woman giving birth, etc. There was also a sacred pool that was used to raise crocodiles back in the day along with a well that supplied water used for temple rituals.

What caught me in particular were the columns which had so many drawings on them. Each column looked so rich, covered with heiroglyphics. Another thing is, because this temple didn't have high pylons and wasn't fenced or anything, it gave tourists the opportunity to wander about freely. You never felt any place as crowded barring of course certain rooms that were tiny. I can go on and on about this but I'll let the pictures do the talking for a change. The fact that it's by the Nile, the sunset, everything made this one of the better experiences of this trip. We spent about two hours here before heading back.

When we went back to our cruise ship, the temple was looking EVEN more beautiful. Sharp sunset gave the whole temple this gorgeous crimson colour, it got me in the mood for a swim. Really, the life I always wanted to lead - there I was, enjoying the cool sunset breeze over the Nile, staring at a human wonder,  inside a swimming pool on the cruise deck with wine in my hand. Just how perfect can life be??!!

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kristinasub says:
It's such pleasure to read your blogs about Egy :o)
Posted on: Jul 16, 2008
sandy72 says:
What an amazing place to visit, was great to read, hope to make it out there some day
Posted on: Jun 16, 2007
newtampo says:
Would like to go there once but have no chance yet, thanks for sharing the story :)
Posted on: Jun 12, 2007
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Panoramic view of the temple from …
Panoramic view of the temple from…
our Cruise boat parked right outsi…
our Cruise boat parked right outs…
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view of the ruined walls and the …
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Kom Ombo
photo by: Vikram