Day Six: Khan-al-khalili Bazaar and the Laser Show at the Pyramids

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Khan-al-Khalili Bazaar

Our arrival into Cairo was actually very peaceful. Comfy flight, and on arrival, the TravCo people were there to whisk us off back to the same hotel - the Semiramus Intercontinental. We had lunch at the Thai rsnt "Bird Cage". For the supposed #1 Thai rsnt in Cairo, food was very very average but it helped replenish us with energy which is really all that matters!

Our first stop after lunch was the notorious Khan-al-Khalili Bazaar - a bazaar one hears of almost everywhere and which in the last few years has moved from being Cairo's local haunt for essentials, to a major major tourist trap. It's easy to see why though - the place is brimming with loads of souvenirs, all at haggable prices and the store owners themselves know at least 2-3 European languages which makes the bargaining very easy.

Locals enjoying shai

We bought a fair few souvenirs, my mum in particular bought herself lots of pashmina's. We then headed back to the hotel, had a nap and our car was waiting downstairs around 7pm to take us to the Sound and Light laser show at Giza. This was sthg that I was really looking forward to, I had mixed feelings about it to be honest. On one hand, I never thought I'd  be seeing a live show in front of the pyramids and on the other hand, it just screamed C-H-E-E-S-Y and overtly touristy! Our drive over the Nile was splendid. Cairo is actually quite a well developed city. There are a few tall buildings by the river which all makes for interesting views with farmlands by their side. Basically, you have Cairo on side of the Nile and Giza on the other.

Seats arranged for the Sounds and Lights show at the Pyramids
And the two cities contrast each other so well. You have modern Cairo and then you've got agricultural green Giza.

Anyway the show started on time - 8:30pm and it was an absolute delight. The weather had cooled down, there was this lovely breeze, the place was choc a block with tourists (including a big group of barristers from Ahmedabad, India) and it was all lovely. The show lasted for about 1 hour. The history of the pyramids was explained very well, and in particular it was a good refresher course for the 3 of us seeing as we had the Egyptian Museum and visiting the Pyramids the next day.

The show got done by about 930pm. our car was waiting for us and we headed back to the hotel, had a late dinner AGAIN at the Lebanese Sabaya rsnt before calling it a night at around 11:30pm. It was hard to believe in many ways that only 1 day of our vacation in Egypt left, but surprisingly the last day was the day that we'd visit THE postcard moment of Egypt, the PROOF that we show back home that we'd actually  been there!

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Kramerdude says:
I looked at the pics before reading your entry and the first thought that came to my mind was CHEESY as well.
Posted on: Jun 15, 2007
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Khan-al-Khalili Bazaar
Khan-al-Khalili Bazaar
Locals enjoying shai
Locals enjoying shai
Seats arranged for the Sounds and …
Seats arranged for the Sounds and…
the band (before the show begins)
the band (before the show begins)
Laser Sound and Light show in prog…
Laser Sound and Light show in pro…
Notice the pyramids lit up
Notice the pyramids lit up
After the show, the Pyramids and S…
After the show, the Pyramids and …
photo by: vulindlela