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Arrival into Dubai early evening. Seen are Emirates, Sri Lankan, Malaysian Airlines and Saudi.

Agreed, the purpose of my May trip was "Egypt" but the crowning highlight for me was what was waiting AFTER that.... good ole Dubai. Gold Dubai, shoppingmania Dubai, gastronomic Dubai, tres elegante Dubai.... so whilst my mum and dad were waving a tearful goodbye to Cairo and to Egypt, there I was sitting by the window as the EK flight took off Cairo, waiting to land in Dubai. I normally sleep on flights, but I could not on this one. I was that excited!

Our landing into Dubai was great, great clean airport and terminals, and customs got done in a flash. We rang our hotel up asking for the "free/complementary shuttle ride to/from the airport" but the buggers said they DON'T have one (Sigh, gripe #1).

Al-Ghurair Shopping Mall
We caught a taxi ourselves. Most taxi drivers in Dubai are from Kerala. The hotel was situated around 5 km (or even less) from the airport but we had to fork out around 10 US$ just for that (sigh, gripe #2). The hotel we stayed at - Mayfair Hotel in the heart of the Al-Ghourair district was pish, like totally OTT pish. More on that later (don't miss my vitriolic review).

I didn't feel jetlagged (not surprising, only 1 hr time difference), and was raring to head out. It was about 8pm by the time we settled into the hotel. The thing that shocked me about Dubai, I must admit was how hot it was. I know it *is* a desert and all, but so hot. The heat was worse than Texan summer. Even at 11pm in the night, you could feel the heat coming out of the roads...really that hot.

Our first and only stop that night was a walk along the colourful Al-Ghourair district terminating in the Mall which is in the city centre, and which is the oldest in the UAE. Dubai is one of the more safer cities in the Middle East with crime being almost unheard of, hence it's not unusual to find little girls and boys sans parents walking alone on deserted roads as late as 10pm. We spent some time walking around the Mall, did a bit of shopping (some electronics, MEXX, etc) and had dinner at the food court. We ate at an Indian eatery Nawab's which was fabulous. Run by a Keralite (surprise surprise), the food is not only cheap but the quantity is a lot, and the quality is fabulous as well. Given the poor choice of food on Emirates and the general fatigue of the whole day, we were really pleased with our dinner.

We headed back to the hotel around 11pm, and made enquiries with the Ground Reception on sightseeing the following day. I'm not giong to say much about what a great sleep I had that night because as said earlier, the hotel was shit (first time I'm using an expletive on this site, oops!), the walls were thin, our room was RIGHT NEXT to the lift and we'd wake up everytime someone landed on our floor and the lift doors opened making a whiny siren like sound. I'll save that for my Reviews section.

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Arrival into Dubai early evening. …
Arrival into Dubai early evening.…
Al-Ghurair Shopping Mall
Al-Ghurair Shopping Mall
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