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After Roatan we headed to the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa. The city is not really noted for tourist attractions so we were basically just using it as an overnight stay on the long overland trip to Nicaragua.

We had a 6am start at Roatan where we got the taxi to the port and then got the ferry across back to the mainland. I took a motion sickness pill which seemed to knock me right out as I slept for most of the journey. To get to Tegucigalpa we needed to take a public bus the whole way for 8.5 hours.

For the most part the bus was comfortable and uneventful. At one point we did a small detour around a bridge that was part of the main road but that had collapsed into the river below. So reassuring! Further along we were in the middle of nowhere when the bus came to a stop on the side of the road. A uniformed soldier with an M16 got on to the bus and told all the men to get off. The guys in the group got off with the other local men on the bus and we were made to stand with our hands on the bus as they frisked us. If they were looking for weapons it was pointless because someone could have easily left them on the bus before getting off. They then checked our ID and started considering whether to search all the backpacks under the bus for contraband. They decided against it and we got back on the bus and drove off. Personally I think it was all just a show to give them something to do and act tough with their guns.

We got to Tegucigalpa in the evening just as it was getting dark. Normally I have something nice to say about each place, but this city was really just a dirty rundown hole. Apologies to my loyal Tegucigalpan readers. In fairness it is not their own fault, the city is clearly just very poor and can't maintain the big cheap buildings that have been erected everywhere. It was eye-opening and I did enjoy the taxi from the bus to the hotel where we drove through a market area.

The hotel we stayed at was a real blast from the past kind of place. The furnishings and decor were very old, especially the bathroom where without exaggerating I am confident the all-in-one shower tap is no newer than from the 1960s.

After checking in we went for a quick wander around before getting dinner. We had to be quick because the hotel told us to be back by 9pm because after that it wasn't safe. The streets were very quiet and pretty much every single place was closed. When it came to food our best choice of very little was Pizza Hut. We went in and not long after they locked the front door and closed security barriers over the windows. As we went to leave they had to unlock the front door and they did a quick scan of the streets around it to check it was safe to leave.

The next day we had breakfast in the depressingly bland hotel restaurant and got taxis to the bus station to wait for the bus out to the Nicaraguan border. We sat in the rundown bus station for about half an hour and then got the bus that turned up and we were off.
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photo by: Biedjee