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On Monday we left the highlands of Copan for the beaches of Roatan Island. This popular holiday destination is on the Carribean Sea and features the second largest coral reef in the world.

We took two uneventful buses from Copan to the coastal town of La Ceiba. I was feeling fairly crook from a bad cold so it wasn't a lot of fun. We had about an hour wait for the ferry where I took a motion sickness pill to help with what we were warned were rough seas. The ferry took about an hour and a half to get to Roatan. I would like to warmly congratulate the inventor of the motion sickness pill as I was saved from a very sick ride. I sat there happily as a lot of locals around me, who I assume didn't take similar medication, were being sick. Usually I otherwise get very sea sick so no doubt I would have been in that club if I had not dosed up. David was sitting next to me but then moved to stand up for a bit, and just after he did a kid in front of us turned around and vomited right where his legs would have been. I assume from this that he can see the future.

We got a half hour taxi from the port to our hotel at the West End part of Roatan. It is not the busiest part of the island but in peak season it would still be a happening place. As it happens it is not peak season, and with the global recession, H1N1 flu and the Honduran political crisis, it was all very quiet.

We dropped off our bags and soon went out for an orientation walk and to get dinner. West End is dead simple to find your way around with just a main street along the beach that everything is on. We walked from our hotel end to the other and then went to a Thai restaurant on the way back. I had a very nice shrimp curry, but unfortunately my irritating cold held me back from properly appreciating it. Not long after dinner I went off to bed.

On Tuesday we had a free day to explore the local paradise. My cold was still hanging around so I slept in until about 10am, so I missed the rest of the group take off to check out the place. I was told that West Bay is the best beach on the island so the first thing I did was get a water taxi over there to wander around. The water taxis are just small motored boats that zip around between beaches for a $3 fee. I got to West Bay pretty quick and it was definitely a lot nicer than West End. I walked around for about 10 minutes in one direction and came back just as some of the others from the tour group were getting off a water taxi from West End. We took up a spot on the beach and went for a swim. The water is fantastic there, it was a beautiful sunny day so the water warmed up to a great temperature, and it was really buoyant so you could easily lie on your back and just float around.

After about two hours out there we got a water taxi back to West End. We had a tip that the Lighthouse restaurant was the place to go so we found it in its hidden location behind another building and took up a table. I had a ceviche salad and a garlic grilled lobster that were both superb. The seafood is fantastic at Roatan but all things on the island are very expensive by Central American standards. Usually a great meal is about $5-10 but here it is more like $25-$35. We are not here for long so it doesn't hurt too much.

We went back to the hotel after lunch and had just over an hour before the whole group was going back out for a night of delicious drinking. I went for a swim in the hotel pool and then lay out on a deck chair in the hot sun to dry off.

The night out was a lot of fun, although it was pretty quiet out on the town. We went to three bars and at about 1am we came back to the hotel and some of us sat out on the pier there where the waves crash into the rocky water edge and engaged in drunken ramblings as well as checking out the huge number of stars in the sky.

Our last day in Roatan was a fairly lazy one. I spent much of the day relaxing before we went out for a group dinner. The next day we leave at 5:45am so the night is coming to an early end.
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photo by: islandflavour