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I started my third day in New York by going all the way downtown to just off Wall Street to do a walking tour around the Financial District with the Municipal Art Society. I got some lunch in a cafe nearby that was packed with people either just in suits or suits plus those jackets they wear on trading floors. After that I met the start of the tour where we had about twelve of us in the group. The guide was very keen and loud, which was just what we needed because of the bustle of the area. He walked us around for about an hour and a half to many of the main buildings, like the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, Trinity Church, the New York Customs House and the Bowling Green park. It was a great walking tour and worth the $10 suggested donation to the MAS at the end.

When that was over I decided to go have a look at the nearby United States Federal Reserve building, which holds most of the world's gold supply, and of course is famously portrayed in the movie Die Hard With A Vengeance. I hummed the 'ants go marching one by one' tune to myself as I walked past, but it didn't really look as I had remembered it. Next I walked over to the former World Trade Center site to see what it looked like, but they are so heavily into constructing the replacement buildings that there really wasn't much to see, at least from what I came across.

My other sight I wanted to see in the area was walking the Brooklyn Bridge. I went via the South Street Seaport area, which turns out not really to be the right way since the Brookyln Bridge starts a lot further into Manhattan than the water edge! I got distracted for about 10 minutes by the Argentina v Greece World Cup game before walking to the start of the bridge. The walk along it was, well, kind of boring. I didn't find it all that interesting and to top it off it was drizzling rain so I didn't feel like taking my time. Over on the Brooklyn side I walked in towards a main square for about 15 minutes before jumping on the subway back to my hostel.

That night I decided I would use my Comic Strip Live ticket that I bought the day before. It was only about a ten block walk but I was late getting back to the hostel and then getting dinner that I ended cabbing it there. I got there about 20 minutes before it started and not long after another guy going on his own, Paul, sat next to me. We got talking about visiting New York etc., and then the show started. There were about eight stand up comedians who did their gigs. I found them all very funny. The only one I recognised was Judah Friedlander, who is the guy from 30 Rock who has a different hat every episode (or it is every scene?). His hat said 'World Champion', and so did his shirt, and so his act was bragging about how totally awesome he was at absolutely everything. It was epic lulz.

After the main comedians they had a special Tuesday segment called 'The Lottery Show', where comedians aspiring to get a regular gig at the club do an audition gig in front of the audience and a panel of judges off to the side. There were four judges who gave feedback, and then two guys who could overrule them, one of them being the owner of the club. There were maybe five or so auditioners, and largely they were quite poor. A couple were so terrible I don't know how they made it even close to that far up the stand up comedian career ladder. One guy was easily the best and he got through. The others got mercilessly torn apart by the judges who bluntly told them in what ways they sucked. It was fascinating to watch.

When the comedy show was over I went across the road with Paul and had a couple of beers. They had a selection of something like 100 beers so we tried to get interesting ones. The first one was raspberry flavoured, it was OK. The second one was a 10% beer by Samuel Adams, which was really thick and you had to drink it slow. We ended up talking to a guy at the bar from New Orleans who was at the comedy show too. He works with some kind of systems on oil rigs so he had a lot to say about the BP oil spill incident. After the couple of beers I walked back to the hostel.
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New York
photo by: herman_munster