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Fresh and early in the morning we headed from Huacachina to Nazca to see the famous Nazca Lines. The hotel drove us to the Ica bus station and we then took the bus to Nazca. We got picked up from the Nazca bus station and were taken to the airport where flights are taken over the lines.

The small airport at Nazca was well organised and pretty soon we were off to the planes. I was with Sam and Sandy in a four seater Cessna, and Emma, Liz and Ryan were in another one. Our pilot gave us guideline maps of the route we were going to take and the different sights we would pass. Sam got in the front with the pilot and Sandy and I took up the back.

We flew around for about half an hour going through all the main Nazca lines in the area. The pilot banked the plane hard to the side a lot so that we could get good views from each side, which was both very helpful and very strong on the G-forces. Unfortunately I had probably pumped the lines up too much in my mind beforehand because they seemed smaller and less awe-inspiring than I had imagined they would be. It was still worth it though. Sam didn't cope so well with the motion sickness and ended up with stiff cramps down his arms and hands by the time we were coming in to land. Thankfully I had taken a motion sickness pill an hour before we flew which I am pretty sure saved me from also having ill-effects.

After both planes were back and we got some fresh air the driver who took us from the station to the airport offered to take us to the Cauchilla graveyards for a bit of a tour. Our only plans left for the day was to the get the overnight bus to Arequipa, so we had lots of time to burn. We accepted the graveyard offering and headed out of town.

The Cauchilla graveyards are from pre-Incan times and are in a very arid desert where it never rains. There were many skeletons with original clothes on, and their hair somehow preserved and placed back on their skulls. There were lots of offerings around them as well as other skulls and bones laid around. One skeleton even had a companion skeleton parrot next to it to join him/her in the afterlife. The driver was giving us the tour in Spanish so I didn't pick up a lot of the interesting detail I'm sure there was to find out about the place, though thankfully I got enough from Ryan's translation attempts to get the gist of it.

After all that ancient history we still had about ten hours to kill before our bus was to depart. Lonely Planet kindly recommended that the Nazca Lines Hotel would let you hang around their pool if you asked. We went down there and found ourselves in a well to do hotel - by our standards - with a nice pool and tables and chairs around. We parked ourselves down and spent the afternoon amusing ourselves with the well-established combination of drinking wine and playing table tennis.

The afternoon went quite quickly and soon enough we were on the overnight Cruz Del Sur bus to Arequipa. I was expecting to toss and turn all night with the lack of leg room and general bus noise but it was actually quite good and before I knew it we were driving in to Arequipa.
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photo by: ulysses