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After Monteverde we went to the beach town of Manuel Antonio. We took a private van between the two, and stopped off on the way at a bridge where you can see many crocodiles down in the water below.

Manuel Antonio is a very small town with really only two roads - one on the public beach, and one parallel behind it that leads to the national park. We were on the back road at a decent spaced out hotel. We went down to the public beach in the afternoon and had a good swim. Afterwards we had some cocktails up on the main drag and then went back to the hotel. We went out to dinner at a restaurant on the side of town on the beach.

The next morning we all did a half day tour of the Manuel Antonio National Park. The guide had a telescope the same as we had on our tour of Monteverde cloud forest. The guide also had a knack for spotting wildlife and we got a good look at a lot of different animals, including sloths, snakes, birds, and some small but distinctly red spiders.

The walk ended at a big beach in the park that people can only get to if they have paid the $10 entrance fee. That meant that the beach was very quiet and had none of the usual crowd going around hassling you to buy something. We decided to spend some time there swimming so we found an spot where nobody was anywhere near us and went out into the surf.

The surf was fantastic to swim in, it was warm and the waves were crashing down hard enough that you could jump into them without them being too big. We spent ages going with the big waves and being thrown into the sand as they came down at the shore. After a while we went back out of the park and got lunch at a sushi place but we wanted to swim some more so we went back into the park with our tickets and kept swimming at a different spot. It was an awesome afternoon just doing our own thing at what almost felt like a private beach.

That night we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant just outside of Manuel Antonio. There was a bar upstairs of the restaurant that you could pay $10 for unlimited drinks, so we checked it out. It was nearly dead in there so we made sure we got our money's worth and got a taxi van to the bigger nearby town of Quepos to go to some more places. Todd met a guy and a girl at the first bar so they came along with us. We went to a couple of touristy places that were mostly ripping us off until we settled on a bar with locals that had cheap drinks. There were some hookers at the bar who kept talking to us, it was all pretty funny. We drank the night away and ended up leaving at about 6am in another van back to our hotel in Manuel Antonio.
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