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We had a full day in Manaus to prepare for our Amazon jungle tour and the Amazon ferry ride to Belem. I woke up very dehydrated and after buying a hammock for the ferry with the group I went back to the hotel, drank a huge amount of water and went to sleep for a bit.

I woke up with much more energy so I went back out into town and checked out the duty free electronics stores. I was sick of the poor quality camera I had bought in Antigua so I decided to buy the original one I had brought to South America again. I found a big store that had it in stock and attempted to buy it. They did not speak English and I spoke no Portuguese so it was hard going. It made me realise just how useful my limited Spanish had been in all the other countries. I got stuck trying to buy the camera because they were asking for some kind of identification. After much going back on forth typing on Google Translate I worked out that I needed some kind of Brazilian ID number to buy it. I persuaded the salesman to use his and finally got my purchase made. It was such an ordeal and took about six members of staff they all shook my hand at the end. It was pretty funny.

The next day we took off for a three day Amazon jungle tour. We got mini vans a couple of hours out of Manaus and then took small motored boats down a big river to the homestead they had on the water edge. We took the boats back out on to the water and checked out the surrounding area. We tried pirahna fishing again but this time we were not so lucky and didn't catch much. After a decent dinner at the homestead we went back out on the boats again to go cayman hunting. The guide on our boat caught one and we all got a hold for some photos.

On the Monday morning we did a walk through the jungle where we saw some cool things like a huge tarantula, a vine swing, and a tree that leaks out a liquid just like milk. After we got back we had lunch and then walked off into the jungle again to stay overnight in the jungle. We set up hammocks near a stream and cooked meat over a fire for dinner. After a night of decent sleep in the hammock we packed up walked back to the homestead. Just into the walk the guide warned us it was going to downpour soon so I got my camera in a dry spot and we kept going. Not long after it started pouring very heavily and didn't let up for the hour and a half to get back. When we got back to the homestead I realised my iPhone was still uncovered in my bag and took it out completely waterlogged. I tried drying it out after that but it was broken for good.

We came back to Manaus much the same way we came and had a couple of hours of daylight in the city to walk around. We bought what we needed for our 5 day ferry down the Amazon river to Belem.
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photo by: travelman727