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I had a bus to Keflavik airport at 4:30am so I didn't bother going to bed that night. At the airport it was a fast check in to get me to where I could wait for my flight. The airport is very modern, and they didn't shy from pointing this out by putting promotional material all over the airport about how great it was. The airport had an interesting design where the gate lounges are either non-existant or very small, and there is a huge communal area to wait for the flight calls.

The flight I took to London was short but I used it to get a couple of hours sleep that I had missed the night before. I landed in to Terminal 1 at Heathrow and went through the customs much faster than I thought it would take. I got my bag from a baggage carousel that looked like it was constructed in the 1960s and was clearly damaging the bags as they were dragged around. I had booked my next flight to Cairo with bmi, so I went to the bmi check in area in the same terminal only to be told my flight was actually with Egypt Air in Terminal 3. I made my way through the underground of Heathrow to Terminal 3 by going down to the -1 floor (what?) and heading along a bunch of travelators.

I went to the Egypt Air check in area but they weren't opening up for my flight for another four hours. I went upstairs to some cafes and spent the time on my laptop and breaking it up with coffee to keep myself awake. I had a close call where I started falling asleep sitting up on a chair and nearly fell over on to the ground before I woke myself up just in time. I tried to use an internet cafe to print off some documents for my Egypt tour but the computer was so totally locked down that I couldn't even open up the documents to print them except for one, and then it was going to cost me 3 pounds to print one page!

I checked in to my next flight after it finally opened and had a couple of hours wait on the other side of security before my flight left. The Uruguay v Ghana game was on a few of the TVs so I found a good seat and watched most of that. I missed out on the dramatic end because it went into extra time and I had to get to the gate.

The gate looked like it was also made at the same time as the baggage carousel. It was very loud, ugly, and the attendants were inaudible because the speakers were so poor. I just made a guess when it was my time to board and went up to the line. In the boarding line I got talking to a Canadian girl so on the plane I swapped with the person next to her. We tried to watch the movie Repo Man on her laptop but it is such a terrible terrible movie that I could barely bother concentrating.

At Cairo airport I paid $15 for an entry visa and went through the customs line. I got my bag fairly quickly and then changed my remaining British pounds for Egyptian pounds. I got a speedy taxi to my hotel not too far from the Nile river.
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