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I arrived at my hostel in Cancun in the early afternoon. I was shown my dorm room bed which was about what I expected but the rest of the hostel would be well-described as a dump. In retrospect I probably should have realised that a $7 per night hostel in Cancun would not be the same as one the same price in a less touristy place.

I spoke to a couple of people staying there who informed me that a hurricane was headed for Cancun in the next couple of days, which explained the horrible weather but also meant it wasn't going to let up for the couple of days I had to kill there. The rain and wind really just never stopped the whole time so I was in no mood to go out exploring the city or its famous beaches. Instead I basically camped myself in the awful humid hostel and occupied myself with my laptop and the free wifi. Not helping the situation was a weird old guy staying at the hostel who kept insisting on telling me about stupid conspiracy theories and just generally complaining about the world. I ventured out just for food and to get the money and documents I needed to start my tour, and even then I got soaked by the torrential rain. Thankfully on the second night I was staying there the hurricane just missed us by passing between the small ocean gap between Cancun and Cuba.

It was a big relief on the Sunday afternoon when I got out of the hostel and made my way to the hotel where I started my Tucan tour of Central America ( The receptionist found my name on a list and took me up to my room. Already staying in the room was Gary from London, who was to be my room mate for the rest of the tour. After introducing ourselves I found out that my tour was the middle majority of a larger tour from Guatemala to Panama. Gary was doing the whole thing so he had started the tour in Antigua, Guatemala and gone up through Belize on the way to Cancun, and was going to finish his tour after me in Panama City.

Gary and I wanted lunch so we walked a few blocks away to a small restaurant and got some food and beers. I had a really good shrimp ceviche, which is like a cold juicy salad. Another thing about Mexican eating that I was taking to was that before you get your ordered food they typically bring out a bowl of nacho chips and salsa. I quickly learned the word for spicy/hot is picante, and some of these salsas are well and truly picante.

After most of the afternoon was gone we headed back to the hotel and hung around there until my pre-departure meeting. I went down at the meeting time and met up with the tour leader Todd and the others on the tour, Vicky from England and Kate and Nick from my stomping ground of Melbourne. Vicky had started at the same time as Gary, but Nick and Kate were just starting like myself. The meeting was a run-down on how the tour worked and all that sort of thing.

We went out to dinner after the meeting, including a few of those who were finishing the tour at that point and so I would just see for that night. It was good to be getting to know some new people after having spent the previous three days either getting to Cancun on my own or being camped in the other hostel. The dinner was a bit lower key than they promised it usually would be since they had all had a huge one the night before and so were still mostly quite hungover.

The next day we left the hotel in the morning and got a nice bus out of Cancun to Chichen Itza. My leaving impression of Cancun was not good, but I think the weather really was the spoiling factor. It is probably actually a great beach destination in the sunny weather of the dry season but you would have to also want massive development rather than some kind of secluded low-key location to go there.
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photo by: Marina2710