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I am actually finally going!

It has been about a year now since a bunch of us started talking about going to South America. It has always felt like a trip off in the distance but all of a sudden it is here. It has been so long talking about it and planning it and researching it that I have got used to thinking about it as something I will be doing later. I think until I get on the plane early tomorrow morning I won't really realise it is happening.

My current plans take me from now until early June next year. First I am going with Ryan, Liz, Sam and Sandy to South America for just under two months, going through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and a bit of Chile and Argentina. After that I am leaving them to go to Cancun, Mexico to start a 35 day tour of Central America that takes me until mid-December. I then have a week to do whatever before I go to Caracas, Venezuela to start the big kahuna of my trip - a 171 day tour of South America (!). It is a huge commitment to tour for so long, but I am happy with my reasons and I'm really excited about it. I'll link below to the tour pages for anyone who wants to see what they involve:

Central America 35 days -
South America 171 days -

After that I really don't know what I will want to do! I figure after all that travel and meeting all those people that by then I will have a good idea what I want to do next. I am officially not due back at work until late October 2010 so I will still have a while to wander the world. If I decide not to come back when I have arranged then how long I go comes down to how much money I still have and where I still want to go. (note to people from my work - the previous sentence does not exist)

I was going to write something philosophical about what I want out of the trip but I just want to get over there and see where it leads me without worrying too much about expectations. My next entry will hopefully be from our first stop - Quito, Ecuador after five flights over 30 hours :O

Adios amigos!
Hadi25 says:
Congrats To Be Featured ...
Posted on: Jun 26, 2010
nimrodk says:
I'm hooked to this blog, will follow !
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
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