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The dudes in action prepping big bird

Pulaski. One of those place's that we'd not even thought of visiting on our tour across America. We just merely came across it dodging the I40 from Nashville to Memphis. We left Nashville after checking out there 1-1 scale Pathenon (which has to be the most randomist thing you'd expect in middle America) and with a hangover still fresh in the head we trekked off on towards Memphis.

The main reason for our trek across the states was to see real America. Not just stay in the tourist traps. When we entered the outskirts of Pulaski we came across quiet roads with small bungalows with big character, picturesque and lovely to see.

Me and the oldest, best camouflaged guy in the whole state! (Probably)
But as we stopped at the edge of the town itself, it still looked quiet and no one was around and we didn't really think much of it. Until we got back in the car and turned left from East Jefferson Street onto South First Street. That was when we realised why we hadn't seen many people.

Because everyone was here! We'd stumbled across the Annual Governors one-shot Turkey hunt and Gobblers Gala on the Downtown Square. It was a mix of vintage and new cars on show with families and camouflaged folks walking around enjoying the warm spring sunshine. There was a big board in a bandstand acting as a table of who killed what and what weight it was. And I bet it annoyed a few 'good ol boys' to see a woman top of the leaderboard!

Whilst my travel partner and good buddy Steve took in the cars I wandered around and took in the other sights.

Just outside Pulaski with my handmade elastic band pistol I'd picked up at the fare
I noticed who I thought intially was a writer (but turned out to be someone completely different) autographing books at a desk to an eager family listening to her speak. And there was a truck with it's back down full up with fat dead turkeys. There were two men from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency there cutting off the feet and prepping them (I guess) so people could take them away. It was interesting to watch and the colours of the turkeys were brilliant in the sunshine.

Steve caught up with me by now and this is when a local elderly woman came up to us and engaged in a conversation about my tatoo on my arm. And so once she heard our English accents that was it, we were escorted round and introduced to various people all interested to hear our story of where we were going and why we were in Pulaski.

Just before we turned onto the main street. Thought I'd take this pic as it was the only interesting thing we'd see...How wrong was I!
We got introduced to a local Council member, an editor of a local newspaper and also the lady who was signing the autographs...

Burford Puser. Not a name I'd heard of before. But he was a Sheriff around these parts a while back and his story was quite a unique and special one to tell which has now been told in 3 films, most recently a remake called 'Walking Tall' starring 'the Rock'. I won't go through everything here as I could go on for hours but seriously, this was one cool dude who was hard as nails and as honest as the day was long. He fought crime, survived assassination attempts and saved the day on too many an occassion. He probably acheived more in his life than many others would in a dozen attempts.

Here's the wiki leaks site address, check it out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buford_pusser

So the 'Writer' actually turned out to be his daughter who was autographing books about him and his life.

On the fringe of Pulaski. Real America
He was known for carrying a wooden bat and she had several baseball bats she would sign and give out to interested parties. She introduced herself and gave us the lowdown on her 'daddy' as she called him. She was quite an extravagent lady with a husky voice that sounded like a cool country and western singer.

We posed with her for photographs and I made the cardinal sin of putting my fingers over the signature on the bat. But atleast she didn't hit me with it!

The local newspaper 'The Pulaski Citizen' took our picture with Tim Turner, the Giles County Tourism Foundation Director and said they'd put us in the paper! It was all really welcoming considering we were just passing through and they were some of the nicest people we met on our travels. A lot nicer than when one of the elderly ladies whispered into my ear 'Ya know this is where the KKK came from?'.

The hunters leader board
Thankfully things are alot different there now. They wanted us to stay and see more of there beautiful town but we really had to get a move on in order to get to Memphis for a decent time so we made our excuses and left.

Only after I'd managed to reverse into someones massive tool box. But as I thought at the time, if they leave these things in the middle of the road, they will eventually get hit!

Lovely looking town with realxed and warm people. Would love to go back one day.

We made the May 4th 2010 edition of the paper by the way, front page!

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The dudes in action prepping big b…
The dudes in action prepping big …
Me and the oldest, best camouflage…
Me and the oldest, best camouflag…
Just outside Pulaski with my handm…
Just outside Pulaski with my hand…
Just before we turned onto the mai…
Just before we turned onto the ma…
On the fringe of Pulaski. Real Ame…
On the fringe of Pulaski. Real Am…
The hunters leader board
The hunters leader board
Nice motor
Nice motor
photo by: DougeeGould